Lady Gaga Bluntly Reminds Fan That She's The Same Star She's Always Been

Since the Academy Awards, we've seen two different moments from the Oscars with Lady Gaga showing both extreme kindness and also extreme snark. The first was undoubtedly Gaga's tender on-stage moment with Liza Minnelli, in which the "Mein Herr" singer stumbled over her words, prompting the "Rain On Me" singer to sweep in and save the day. "I got you," she whispered to Minnelli just loud enough for the mics to pick it up, to which Minnelli whispered back, "I know. Thank you." Cue the entire internet heaving a collective, "awwwww!"

The second moment came from the red carpet of the Elton John AIDS Foundation's 30th annual Academy Awards viewing party before the Oscars, where the "Shallow" singer crossed paths with former Olympian and failed California governor recall runner Caitlyn Jenner. With Gaga being a fierce supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and Jenner taking anti-LGBTQ+ stances despite being transgender herself, the "House of Gucci" star gave a very obvious look of disdain to Jenner when asked by the former athlete if she still visits her regular Starbucks. "I've switched baristas," Gaga shot back. We live for the shade!

This is what we love about Mother Monster; she's not fake and will give an authentic reaction to each unique instance — which is exactly what she did when a brazen fan commented on Instagram with some subtle shade.

Lady Gaga tells an internet troll she's 'still here'

At the 2022 Grammys on April 3, Lady Gaga walked away with the "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album" win for her "Love for Sale" project with jazz legend Tony Bennett, adding to her collection of 12 Grammy wins and 30 nominations over the course of her career. The "Bad Romance" singer had her Recording Academy journey on her mind when she reminisced about her first-ever Grammy on Instagram. She mistakenly captioned the post, crediting her hit song "Just Dance" as her first win, so she quickly followed up that post with a second one, clarifying it was actually "Poker Face." She included a picture of her, moments after winning that first Grammy, on the 'gram. But one salty stan thought they'd comment on the 2010 photo, lamenting that the Gaga of that era has been replaced, writing, "I miss the person in the picture so much."

This time, Gaga showed a display of both kind compassion and snark, by replying to that comment, writing, "I'm still here," with an upside-down smiley face before adding, "see you at #TheChromaticaBall." The Chromatica Ball is of course Mama Monster's 2022 tour where she'll perform at venues across Europe and North America supporting her album, "Chromatica." The 2020 electro-pop record is certainly a return to form for pop star Gaga, who commanded her loyal fans to "dance motherf***ers" on Instagram following its release. If anything, we can always rely on Gaga to keep it real!