Bad News Just Dropped For Shahs Of Sunset Fans

Sorry, "Shahs of Sunset" fans! But today we're the bearer of some devastating TV news. The Bravo show debuted back in 2012 and has delivered some serious drama over the years — which hasn't just been confined to the screen. How could we mention the infamous reality show following a group of super rich Persian Americans and not bring up the multiple legal cases involving the show that have reared their ugly heads over the years?

In 2012, a lawsuit against Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest (yep, he does this show too!) and his production company settled a case with Kathy Salem which meant she was edited out of the first episode after originally filming for the show, per Entertainment Weekly. Then, two years later, came more controversy when "The Shahs of Sunset" crew went on strike after claiming they had been treated unfairly, with Deadline reporting that was also settled and a deal was reached. Then, 2019 brought yet another case to the door of Ryan Seacrest Productions when The Wrap reported that Kiara Belen alleged a scene featuring her sans clothing was filmed without her permission. That suit was dismissed in 2021. That wasn't all, though. More drama was brought to the show's door in March 2022 when People confirmed that cast member Mike Shouhed had been arrested for domestic violence.

But it seems like fans won't be getting much more drama from the "Shahs" gang, as the show was just dealt a major blow.

The final sunset

It's time say goodbye and face the last sunset, as "Shahs of Sunset" has reportedly been cancelled after nine seasons. It's being claimed that the show has aired it last episode and will not be returning for Season 10, that according to TMZ who claimed that Bravo made the decision not to renew the series after coming to the conclusion that it had reached a natural end. Page Six also confirmed the cancelation news, but claimed that the show was supposedly costing Ryan Seacrest Productions too much to keep producing.

But that doesn't mean fans won't get to see their favorite stars on the small screen again, as TMZ reported they may already have new projects in the works at Bravo. The insider claimed those potentially landing new work with the network include Reza Farahan, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi. Exactly what they could be getting into next, though? We're going to have to wait and see. Bravo is yet to officially confirm the cancelation news, though the cast have hinted at the end on social media. Golnesa shared a video of herself during a lingerie photo shoot on Instagram on April 7 alongside the cryptic caption, "My story has only just begun..." Interesting!

"Shahs of Sunset" aired what will now serve as its final episode in August 2021, with the second part of the Season 9 reunion now being its last ever outing.