Lisa Rinna And Erika Jayne's Relationship Just Took An Unexpected Turn

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Rinna isn't exactly who you think of when you think of stable friendships. But, to be fair, that's not entirely her fault as the success of her career on Bravo depends on her fighting with her co-stars. Since joining the franchise, the former actor has come to blows with just about everyone on the cast, from newcomer Garcelle Beauvais to alum Lisa Vanderpump.

Finally, it looked like Lisa had found a friend in Erika Jayne. However, sadly for Erika, who joined the show as a big-spending trophy wife, things quickly went south when she and her husband were embroiled in scandal thanks to Tom Girardi's questionable ethics as a top Los Angeles attorney. Erika's legal issues were the centerpiece of "RHOBH" Season 11, as it came to light that Tom allegedly defrauded his clients to fund his and Erika's lavish lifestyle, per E! News. The other Beverly Hills women initially stood by Erika, but her friends started to turn on her as her story became increasingly unrealistic and her behavior more erratic.

To her credit, even as the other women have turned one by one against Erika, Lisa has stood steadfastly by her side. "I know everyone's furious with me for standing by her, but she's my friend," Lisa said on "Watch What Happens Live" in September 2021. Now though, it looks like Erika's problems could finally come between them.

Lisa Rinna calls out Erika Jayne

In case you missed it, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 12 trailer dropped earlier this week. Among the chaos we've come to expect from the Bravo crown jewel are some darker notes. It should come as no surprise that of all the ladies, Erika Jayne seemed to be having an especially difficult time.

The trailer is interspersed with clips of Erika drinking to the point of slurring her words and falling over. In one instance, Garcelle Beauvis notes that Erika was "tipsy" the last time they saw each other. Erika has been transparent about her use of antidepressants to deal with the fallout of her divorce, especially Lexapro, which was prescribed to her by a doctor, per Page Six. The reality star's alleged mixing of Lexapro and alcohol concerns her bestie, Lisa. "You take your antidepressants or you drink," she says to Erika at one point in the trailer. "But you can't do both." The trailer seems to hint at Erika's drinking habits causing conflict between herself and Lisa.

It would be sad for them to split, as the pals have been sticking especially close together lately as they've been weathering quite a few scandals. Most notably in January, Erika posted a photo of the two of them with very dark makeup and the caption "Donna and Jerry," referring to Donna Summers and Jerry Hal — though Erika quickly changed the caption to "Cher and Jerry" amid accusations of blackfishing, per Us Weekly.

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