Dean McDermott's Apparent Absence From Tori Spelling's New Show Is Raising Eyebrows

Actors Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott used to be one of reality TV's darling couples, but lately, things don't seem as loving between the two. As is the case with most couples, Spelling and McDermott have had their fair share of good and bad days throughout their long relationship. The two first met on the set of 2005's "Mind Over Murder" but they were both married at the time. However, that didn't stop them from falling in love and eloping less than a year after they first met, per Us Weekly. Then in 2007, they welcomed their son Liam as well as started their reality TV careers with Oxygen's "Tori and Dean: Inn Love." After flipping their bed and breakfast, the couple moved to Hollywood and documented it, of course, on "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood."

Spelling and McDermott continued to live in front of the cameras for six seasons until it was revealed that McDermott had cheated on his wife in 2013. Despite the affair, the pair remained strong, that is until recently. Rumors of divorce have been circling around Spelling and McDermott for a while now, especially after a source told ET in November 2021 the two were sleeping in different rooms, and McDermott was missing from their family's Christmas card. Now, with the release of the trailer for Spelling's new show, fan suspicions are further aroused.

Dean McDermott's absence on Tori Spelling's new show does not look good

Tori Spelling's new show on Vizio's WatchFree+ platform, "@Home with Tori" has her whipping up cocktails and snacks in the actor's very own home. While the trailer for the series features Spelling's friends and her kids, hubby Dean McDermott is noticeably missing, per Page Six. On a show about Spelling's home life, you would think her husband would be included, hence why his absence is a bit questionable.

McDermott's absence on Spelling's show may only add fuel to the fire of their recent divorce rumors. While the pair have had quite a few ups and downs over the years, albeit more downs as of late, Spelling and McDermott are reportedly still working on their marriage. A source told ET in January, "Tori and Dean are still going through a rough patch and a tough space. It's been difficult for them." The source added, "Things aren't great between them, but they are still attempting to work things out for the sake of their kids."

Even if the two are in a bit of a rough patch, McDermott is still putting on a strong front. Most recently, he took to Instagram to show his support for Spelling in a post for International Women's Day. He called Spelling, as well as his daughters Stella and Hattie, "incredibly smart, creative, strong, fierce and funny" and added, "I'm so blessed to have you in my life. I love you So Much!!"