How Jamie Lynn Spears Subtly Acknowledged Britney's Pregnancy News

Britney Spears is pregnant with her third child, and the happy news sent her fans into a tailspin online. This really isn't much of a surprise, though, as Britney has hinted for a long time that she's wanted another baby. During a court hearing in which Britney spoke out against her now-terminated conservatorship, she admitted that she was forced to get use birth control against her will. "I have a [IUD] inside of myself right now so I don't get pregnant. I wanted to take the [IUD] out so I could start trying to have another baby," she confessed, per Variety.

While Britney has been focused on expanding her own family, she hasn't been on the best terms with her father and mother Jamie and Lynn Spears, and her baby sister Jamie Lynn Spears. In fact, Britney's feud with Jamie Lynn has escalated to ugly proportions after the pop princess made it clear that she wasn't happy with her sister using her conservatorship drama to promote her memoir, "Things I Should Have Said." Britney has since gone off on Jamie Lynn, which prompted the former "Zoey 101" star to offer an olive branch on her Instagram Story back on January 15. "Britney — Just call me, I have attempted many times to speak to you directly and handle this privately like sisters should," she wrote, per Us Weekly.

Well, it seems like Britney has yet to call her — which is why Jamie Lynn only subtly acknowledged Britney's baby news.

Jamie Lynn Spears' Instagram silence speaks volumes

Even though celebrity pals like Paris Hilton have commented and congratulated Britney Spears on her third pregnancy, her family members, including her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, have yet to say anything publicly about it. Jamie Lynn did hit like on Britney's Instagram post, but didn't have anything to say online, per the Irish Mirror. However, the same day of Britney's pregnancy announcement, Jamie did post a birthday tribute to her 4-year-old daughter, Ivey, on Instagram, proving the little Spears sister was active online at the time of Britney's big news.

That said, it doesn't seem like Britney is willing to allow her family members back into her life, even with her third child on the way. On April 2, she once again took to social media to condemn her parents Jamie and Lynne Spears, who "thrived and lived with drama" at her expense, according to Page Six. Brit Brit wrote, "I am not the type of person to air dirty laundry but I'm sure as hell not going to sit back and be my family's Jesus Christ !!! I will speak up and blow the f***ing house down!!" Yikes. We're wishing Britney a peaceful pregnancy after everything she's gone through!