Welcome To Plathville Season 4 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

Since the pilot of "Welcome to Plathville" aired in November 2019, viewers have watched the conservative-minded Kim and Barry Plath navigate the challenges of bringing up their nine kids in a modern world. According to a press release from TLC, the Georgia-based reality series averages more than a million viewers per episode. Just a few years before "Counting On" was canceled and the Duggar family's spot on TLC was stripped, the Plath family came to the airwaves.

Similar to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, Kim and Barry Plath are choosey about who their family socializes with and prefer to keep their circle tight. "Traditionally, we prefer to get to know other families with children of similar ages, and when there's a family that we all kinda like and get along with, and there's some interest from one of ours and one of theirs, then we kinda go from there," Kim said in an episode, per Us Weekly.  Additionally, the kids are raised under strict rules. "No phones for the children, supervised movies, supervised internet, no social media, little to no sugar, appropriate clothing, no video games, and no rock music in the house," Kim explained on the show. 

However, the latest seasons reveal that some of their kids have moved out and rebelled against their highly conservative upbringing. With many changes happening in the Plath family, from vibrant new hair colors to cross-country moves, fans are excited that "Welcome to Plathville" will return for a fourth season, as per Variety. Viewers won't have to wait much longer, as TLC announced new episodes are coming in the Spring of 2022.

When is the release date for Welcome to Plathville Season 4?

It looks like fans will get to see their favorite Plath family members back on-screen starting on May 17. A press release from TLC confirms that Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville" is set to premiere at 10 p.m. ET, and will air on Tuesdays. On March 31, the network teased that the new season will include 12 episodes. 

The plot is reportedly set to look at how the Plath family's foundation has grown less conservative than in previous seasons. Five of the children are still at home, living under Kim and Barry's strict rules, while the others learn to navigate adult life. The new season will feature four of the Plath kids living in new cities and exploring romantic relationships, per Variety. Amid a complicated family dynamic, Screen Rant reports that the cast will likely be more split than ever before in Season 4. Let's look at who's sticking around.

Who's in the cast of Welcome to Plathville Season 4?

The "Welcome to Plathville" Season 4 cast is expected to feature the same Plath family members that fans have come to know on-screen over the years, according to a press release. Kim and Barry have always been the foundation of the show, as their conservative and religious parenting style has been the core of plot lines. The two are expected to make a comeback along with their older children, Moriah, Micah, and Ethan. Season 3 concluded with Ethan and his wife Olivia struggling in their relationship, and their relationship with the family. Viewers are waiting to see if their marriage made it out from that rocky period, and can't hope to see the couple return. Both Ethan and Olivia still have the hashtag "WelcomeToPlathville" in their Instagram bios.

It's not certain how involved each family member will be in the new season expected to air on May 17, per the press release. However, the network said in its Season 4 announcement that Ethan, Olivia, and Moriah will participate in the show "far from the family drama" while "Micah is stretching his wings." Gearing fans up for some new drama, TLC also teased that Kim begins to question "their lifestyle and her choices overall" in the new season. 

Here's where the divided family members lived while filming Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville."

Where will the latest season of Welcome to Plathville take place?

According to a TLC press release, the cast members of "Welcome to Plathville" won't all be living in the same cities during Season 4. The network teased that Ethan, Olivia, and Moriah will be shown living in Tampa together, although "making it on their own in a new city is not all fun and games." The three were shown making the big move at the end of Season 3.

Micah was still mentioned in the press release announcing the fourth season, although he's currently living in Los Angeles "finding new friends and room to grow." He's also focused on his modeling career, and from the looks of his Instagram page — which is flooded with shirtless photos — it seems he's found success since leaving his parents' home.

It's expected that Kim and Barry will continue the show from their home in a suburb near the Florida and Georgia border. The Sun reports the family has lived there since Season 2, after Kim explained, "We moved off the farm and into a beautiful house in Cairo."

Wherever the paths of the Plath family take them in Season 4, we're sure fans are just happy that 12 more episodes are coming to TLC on May 17.