The Vanderpump Rules Co-Star Raquel Leviss Went On A Date With After Splitting From James Kennedy

Following her highly publicized split from DJ James Kennedy, Raquel Leviss was like a Bambi-eyed deer in headlights when she found out that her ex-fiancé had already cozied up with someone new merely one month later. "After seeing how quickly James has moved on, I think I'm allowed the freedom to act on whatever my heart desires," Leviss replied in the comments section of an Instagram post (via Us Weekly). "I'm no longer taking into account other people's concerns before my own. Those days are dead and gone," she added. 

But now it appears Leviss is cautiously wading back into the dating waters and even swimming in some of the same circles of people — "Vanderpump Rules" people, that is. But who exactly did Raquel go on a date with? Did they sip on perfectly shaken Pumptinis? And did they, in fact, eat pasta?! The answers just might surprise you!

Raquel Leviss and Peter Madrigal went out for drinks

"Vanderpump Rules" star Raquel Leviss spilled all of the tea during the April 1 episode of castmate Katie Maloney's podcast "You're Gonna Love Me," when she revealed that she had gone on a date with her co-star and SUR manager, Peter Madrigal. Still, Leviss was adamant that it wasn't about the pasta or Peter, but rather a way to simply get back on the proverbial horse. "It was just a fun little time. And I figured this would be a good opportunity for me just to get back out in the dating world because I haven't had an official date since the breakup," she explained. According to Leviss, however, it was Madrigal who made the first move and asked her out for drinks. "This [was] literally the first person that asked me on a date," she confessed. "I said yes because why the hell not? It's good practice after five years. It's scary but it's also invigorating and exciting," she gushed.

As for her ex, James Kennedy, Leviss said that although she did judge him for moving on so quickly, she wasn't in the business of judging him too harshly. She was the one who called it quits on the relationship, after all. "We all cope with breakups differently," she added.