Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly's Latest Red Carpet Appearance Was Filled With Tension

Other than Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (aka MGK) are the couple synonymous with "PDA." Making their first red carpet appearance at the 2020 American Music Awards, the pair sure amped things by the time they arrived at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. In one photo for the history books, Fox and MGK exchanged an open-tongue kiss (really, more of a lick) on the red carpet with Fox's right hand getting, well, handsy (per E! News). 

As exemplified that night, the pair's PDA is usually amplified by their equally loud fashion choices. While Fox wore a revealing cutout dress on the red carpet, MGK chose to match his black fingernails with a black tongue (you read that right). Needless to say, the tongue is what particularly made that open-mouth kiss all the more audacious. "Is he a giraffe? Why is his tounge [sic] black?," tweeted one puzzled fan. Another Twitter user compared the couple to "a Tommy & Pamela," while one critical fan tweeted of their BBMAs PDA, "Is this like one of the moment when a girl trying to show her ex-BF 'how happy and sexy I am right now'?"

However, the couple doesn't seem to care what others think of their Angelina Jolie-Billy Bob Thornton-esque antics, making their recent red carpet behavior their oddest yet. 

Megan Fox negged Machine Gun Kelly in public

"Not here, not now!" At least that's the message Megan Fox appeared to be sending fiance Machine Gun Kelly when the musician tried to engage in PDA on the red carpet at the Daily Front Row Awards. In a video from the April 10 ceremony posted to Footwear News' Instagram, MGK wraps his arms around Fox and tries nestling in for a kiss. Fox, however, inches further and further away from her fiance's face, even slowly rolling her eyes at him when she turns around. While MGK laughed off Fox's non-receptiveness in the clip, Fox maintained a fierce photo-ready expression. Perhaps the "Til Death" star simply didn't want her hair and makeup ruined by the embrace? 

Fox's aversion to PDA with MGK is especially odd as later that night, she raved about her paramour onstage. Presenting her personal stylist Maeve Reilly with the Stylist Curator Award, Fox credited MGK for introducing the two of them, per E! News. "Maeve came to me at a point in my life ... where I had been in a tight rut," Fox said. "And a lot of that warmth and me opening up had a lot to do with that very tall, handsome, demonic creature right there [MGK] who brought Maeve into my life, and Maeve has brought me out of my shell."

"Demonic creature," huh? Leave it to Fox and Kelly to always give fans something new to talk about.