Everyone Is Talking About Ben And J-Lo's Embarrassing Starbucks Mishap

It seems as if the world cannot stop talking about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's rekindled romance. The pair reignited dating rumors in April 2021, when a source revealed to Page Six, that the two were "hanging out," following Lopez's split from baseball legend Alex Rodriguez. Since then, Bennifer has been back in full swing; dominating headlines like it's 2003. But with the power couple's sudden return, also comes a renewed interest in their daily lives.

Lopez and Affleck have made no secret of their love for one another. The pair was spotted together for the first time since their 2004 split, when paparazzi caught them leaving Lopez's Miami mansion in May 2021. Cameras have caught them doing pretty much everything — from grabbing dinner, to casual shopping, to almost everything in between. However, people can't stop talking about a recent Bennifer sighting at a Los Angeles Starbucks, one that left the pair in a pickle.

Bennifer makes a not-so-grand entrance at Starbucks

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been the subjects of tabloid fodder since the couple reunited after 17 years apart. The recent announcement of their engagement, along with Lopez's massive green diamond ring, has exacerbated the media frenzy surrounding the duo. Days after news of their impending nuptials were made public, the couple was spotted at a Starbucks and appear to have gotten into a bit of trouble.

While attempting to enter a Starbucks drive-thru, Affleck — with Lopez in the passenger seat — found himself stuck between a sign and the curb. The "Deep Water" star tried to maneuver around the tricky drive-thru route, but managed to instead lodge the coffee store's promotional sign into the rim of his back tire. Photogs, who were likely trailing the celebrity couple, stepped in to remove the sign from Affleck's Mercedes-AMG S 63, as the actor (and Lopez) remained inside.

The awkward incident has caused quite a stir online. Some on Twitter sympathized with Affleck, while others roasted the actor for his driving skills. "Don't feel bad about the Starbucks sign that s**t shouldn't had been there and it's a tight squeeze," one user tweeted. While others slammed Affleck for not appearing grateful to the photographers who assisted him. One wrote, "Did anyone hear him say thank you, before he rolled up his window so that luscious second hand smoke wouldn't be wasted away in thin air?"