Reba McEntire Proves Her Friendship With Loretta Lynn Still Burns Bright

Certainly, Reba McEntire has cemented her place as one of the greatest country singers of our time, not to mention one of TV's all-time sitcom stars. While Reba has been a major force in the entertainment industry for decades, she's still a bit of a fangirl when it comes to another country music legend: singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn. Back in 2021, McEntire revealed in a behind-the-scenes video she made with Carrie Underwood that Lynn is one of the most special people in her life. 

McEntire feels so strongly about the "Coal Miner's Daughter" singer that she couldn't help but fight tears while talking about Lynn. "One thing I'd like to say, if I don't choke up when I'm saying it, I love her," McEntire said. "She is the most special thing country music, I think, has ever had. I mean that with all my heart."

There's no doubt that McEntire's tears for Lynn are tears of love. She recently proved that their friendship is still burning bright and it's safe to say that these two are closer than they ever were before.

Reba McEntire shared a photo of the two country music queens

Reba McEntire shared a photo of herself towering over Loretta Lynn on her Instagram account. The two women are smiling and have their arms wrapped around one another. McEntire captioned the pic with, "Because she deserves more than just one day of celebrating, happy birthday week Loretta Lynn!!!" Needless to say, it didn't take very long for McEntire's fans and followers to comment on the photo, with one user saying, "Happy Birthday. Two very beautiful ladies!" and another chiming in, "Queens!"

This shouldn't come as a surprise to McEntire's fans, as she has often expressed her deep admiration for Lynn. In a 2016 interview with her record label, Big Machine Group, McEntire said that she was just 11 years old when she met Lynn for the first time at a rodeo in Oklahoma. "They would pull a trailer out and then the country music star for the night would come out and perform for the audience and then they would go over to the dance hall and put on a dance. That's the first time I actually met her. I whipped off my belt for her to sign, and man I wish I still had that belt. I love Loretta Lynn." McEntire might no longer have that belt, but she does have something else with Lynn that she can keep forever: their friendship.