Mike Tyson In Hot Water Over Violent Plane Altercation

Mike Tyson once had a notoriously bad temper, but seemingly mellowed out over the years. Leading up to a fight in 1999, the boxing legend lost his cool during an interview with WWOR/Channel 9's Russ Salzberg. The interviewer mentioned Tyson's nefarious disposition. "You take into the ring a lot of rage. Does that work for you, or does it work against you at times?" Salzberg asked (via the New York Post). "Who cares? We're in a fight anyway. What does it matter?" Tyson flippantly responded. That interview was cut short by Salzberg once the boxer became noticeably irritated, and ended with Tyson shouting expletives.

By 2014, Tyson appeared to be a changed man who no longer reverted to violent outbursts when frustrated. The former heavyweight champ credited his turnaround to his wife. "If I wasn't married I'd be very different," the boxer told The Guardian at the time. "I'd still be that violent schmuck because that's all I once knew — how to hurt people ... I'm just happy I'm not that same person."

In March, Tyson's reformed attitude was tested when a fan confronted him during a comedy show. The man kept telling the Brooklyn native that he wanted to prove himself by fighting the boxing icon, per TMZ. Tyson remained composed, and even barely reacted when the man pulled a gun. Eventually, the altercation ended with Tyson embracing the man — who then fled the scene. Roughly a month later, another incident did not end so amicably.

Inside Mike Tyson's on-plane fight

A man who kept pestering Mike Tyson on an airplane reportedly received a series of punches from the former heavyweight champ. The incident happened while passengers were boarding a plane at San Francisco International Airport. Reportedly, the would-be fan seated behind Tyson was "extremely intoxicated" and kept harassing the boxer, per TMZ. Video from the news outlet shows the man standing over Tyson while his friend filmed the interaction. Initially, "The Hangover" actor was able to stay calm and collected while the man seemingly provoked him.

Eventually, Tyson had enough and lost his temper. Video from TMZ showed the boxing legend unleashing punches on the confrontational passenger. Another clip showed the aftermath of the altercation, as the man's friend filmed. "My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson ... Yeah, he got f**ked up," the friend was heard saying while showing the man's bloodied face. According to the outlet, Tyson left the plane shortly after the incident. While the man who received the punches was given medical attention, and then contacted the police about the dust-up. Once footage of the on-flight altercation went viral, fans reacted to the man's misstep. "Yeah 10/10 would not recommend being this annoying on a plane let alone to f**king IRON MIKE TYSON," one person tweeted.

Just under a year earlier, Tyson credited psychedelics for keeping his temper in-check. "I did all this stuff, and once I got introduced to the shrooms ... my whole life changed," he told Reuters in 2021.