Why Some Are Speculating That Will And Jada Could Have An Incredibly Ugly Divorce

It's been public knowledge for a while that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith momentarily separated during their 25-year marriage. Both parties, however, have insisted it was always intended as a temporary arrangement. "The breaking point" behind their separation, as revealed in 2018 on Jada's Facebook Watch show "Red Table Talk" was a lavish birthday party Will threw for Jada in 2011. Will recounted how rather than being impressed, Jada called the party "the most ridiculous display of [his] ego," leading the "Fresh Prince" star to "snap." 

As many already know, the period that followed was also when Jada had her entanglement with singer August Alsina. However, in a 2021 Oprah Winfrey interview (via Complex), Will explained that their time off was so they could "present ourselves back to the relationship already happy." For Will, divorcing first wife Sheree Zampino had clearly soured the experience, with the "King Richard" star calling it "the worst thing in my adult life" on a June 2020 episode of "Red Table Talk." Jada has also never considered divorce a serious option. On an October 2020 episode of "Red Table Talk" (via Essence), Jada revealed that for her and Will, "Partnering is a lot more than romance. It has a lot to do with survival, resources ..."

Despite the Smiths' practical outlook on their marital bonds, divorce rumblings are getting louder than ever for the couple.

Will and Jada are reportedly barely speaking after Oscars fiasco

Could this really be the end of the road for the Smiths? According to an insider, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's marital strain has only worsened since Will's slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars in March. An insider told Heat Magazine (via Mirror), "Ever since the Oscars scandal, tensions between them have been palpable. There have been problems for years, but they're barely speaking right now." The source noted Will's "fortune of $350 million that Jada would be entitled to half of under Californian law." The money at stake alone, per the insider, could be reason enough for their divorce to become "one of the ugliest" in Hollywood memory. (Jada, per Celebrity Net Worth, is worth $50 million.)

In a way, Jada eerily forewarned about such a messy potential divorce years ago. On an October 2020 episode of "Red Table Talk" (via Essence), she confessed she wasn't "mature enough" for an amicable divorce. Essence even prophetically editorialized at the time that "things can and will get ugly real quick!" Or, as Jada said then, "That's when the red table turns upside down and it won't be red no more!" Yikes!