RHOC's Noella Bergener Reveals The Eyebrow-Raising Way She Met Her Estranged Husband

Breakout "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Noella Bergener has been a welcome addition to the Bravo franchise. At the start of "RHOC" Season 16, it seemed as if she and her husband James Bergener were couple goals. But soon enough, the illusion of their picture-perfect lives was shattered when she revealed that her husband had mysteriously left her. What ensued was one of the juiciest plot lines of the season, with drama galore. According to Women's Health, not only did James leave the country, but he was facing huge tax debt in the U.S. too, making the terms of their break-up even more complicated. 

On an episode of "RHOC," she claimed (per Page Six), "To this date James has not visited our son or giving me any explanation for his departure." She continued, "He has fled the state to evade service. My cards are still shut off, he hasn't paid a dime in support, he stopped paying for our home and is currently holding up our divorce." 

However, things are turning around for Noella, as she discussed her life changes during Part 1 of "RHOC" Season 16 reunion. Per Bravo, she confirmed that she is "officially divorced" and, in the finale episode, revealed that she has moved into a new home. Now, Noella has also shared how she actually met her ex-husband, and it may come as a shock.

Noella Bergener met her husband online

Noella Bergener unpacked her marital history on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" Season 16 reunion when host Andy Cohen grilled the model about her marriage to James Bergener. After there was controversy about Noella's legal marital status, the "OC" newcomer revealed that she and James had met on a dating site called Seeking Arrangement. Cohen probed (via Page Six), "I thought, forgive me, [Seeking Arrangement was] for more of a sugar daddy kind of thing." The Bravo host was seemingly concerned that she had just married James for his money. However, Noella refuted the idea, and said, "I wanted to build a family and love this man."

Noella also revealed why they had a wedding ceremony while James was still married to his previous wife. "We were five years and then one legal year of marriage," she clarified about her six-year relationship with the father of her son. She continued, "He was separated when I met him and so once we realized that we could have children and I could start IVF, it was important for me to do the gathering of our family and do the picture of me in the white dress." Noella added, "So we had a wedding ceremony, knowing that it wasn't fully legal." 

Noella also told Cohen about her new beau, Bobby. She gushed (via Bravo), "He bought me an adult toy marketplace company ... It's called Playland." Nice gift, Bobby!