Two Big Stars Are Making A Return To Grey's Anatomy

As if the upcoming Season 18 finale of "Grey's Anatomy" wasn't exciting enough, the hit ABC show just announced that two former cast members will be making their way back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for the epic ending.

Season 18 has brought viewers many ups and downs — on- and off-screen. At the beginning of the year, production was shut down for approximately one week due to the coronavirus pandemic, per Us Weekly. It was a bit of an ironic note because, in Season 18, the pandemic has ended. Season 17 focused on the pandemic, with the lead, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), being in a coma due to COVID-19. Production shut down briefly, but the show ultimately began airing on February 24.

Now, almost three months later, fans and production are gearing up for a shocking season finale that will feature the return of a fan-favorite couple. But instead of letting fans wait with bated breath, "Grey's Anatomy" just announced the two stars who are heading back to the hospital on May 26.

Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew are returning to Grey's Anatomy

Japril is back! On April 22, the official "Grey's Anatomy" Instagram announced that Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew will be reprising their roles as Jackson Avery (Williams) and April Kemp (Drew) for the Season 18 finale.

As fans will recall, Jackson and April were once married. Yet, while the two went their separate ways on the series, fans haven't been able to let go of Jackson and April's love story since the separation, despite the fact April married her ex Matthew and left the hospital. Drew was released from the show in 2018, per Us Weekly. Meanwhile, Williams willingly left the long-running medical drama in 2021 because "it felt organic," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But while Japril fans were upset these two were not end game, April made a surprise visit during Season 17. As Williams was leaving the series, his character and April met up before he moved to Boston. During their meet-up, fans were shocked — and immediately hopeful — as April's character revealed she and Matthew had separated, per Deadline. And now that storyline is set to continue on May 26. While neither Williams nor Drew have made any announcement following the news, in 2021, Williams gave fans exactly what they wanted when he told Insider he would be up for a Jackson and April spin-off series. "It's a really interesting premise," he said. "We would kill it."