New Video Of Vladimir Putin Sparks Wild Speculation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has always made efforts to maintain an image of strength and power to the people of Russia. The infamous photo op of Putin shirtless while horseback riding is a classic example of the ways in which he has projected his "strongman" persona. Unfortunately, maintaining this persona has become absolutely crucial for Putin as the war in Ukraine rages on. It has been shown that this "strongman" image has brought him support from countries outside of Russia — including the U.S., per the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

But this façade has been falling apart in recent years due to reporting that Putin's health is allegedly declining. A Russian investigative news organization called The Project claims that Putin has been receiving secret visits from numerous doctors. It's even been reported that Putin has begun dying his hair in an effort to appear younger and healthier.

To be clear, the rumors about Putin's deteriorating health are just that: rumors. But a recent video of Putin during a meeting discussing the war in Ukraine has some people thinking there may be truth to the reports.

Does a new video show Putin's declining health?

In a video posted by the Kremlin on April 21, Vladimir Putin sat with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to receive a report on the Russian invasion of Mariupol, Ukraine. In the video, Putin's face was noticeably bloated and strained, while his shoulders were hunched during Shoigu's speech.

But what people noticed the most from this video is the way that Putin's right hand is gripping the edge of the table. One Twitter user noted, "Putin was not looking at all well today. People have particularly noted his hunched position and the fact he never let go of the table during the entire 12-minute meeting." British blogger Louise Mensch also tweeted: "I reported, Vladimir Putin has Parkinson's disease and here you can see him gripping the table so that his shaking hand is not visible but he cannot stop his foot from tapping." People on Twitter also pointed out that Putin looks noticeably different than he did just two months ago at the start of the war with Ukraine.

This video from the Russian government has raised more questions than it has dispelled any rumors about Putin's condition. The New York Post reported earlier this month that Putin has allegedly been bathing in deer blood in the hopes of improving his health. Whatever the rumors say, it's apparent from this new video that all is not what it may seem in regard to the Russian president.