William And Harry's Relationship May Have Been Fractured Far Longer Than We Thought

A lot has been said, reported, and even analyzed about Prince William and Prince Harry's alleged fallout. While no one really knows what goes on behind closed palace doors, some reports suggest that Harry was none too pleased when his older brother hinted that he was probably moving too fast in his relationship with Meghan Markle back in 2016. In author Robert Lacey's book, "Battle of Brothers," the author says the royal brothers had a "ferocious" fight on the eve of Harry's wedding to Meghan back in May 2018. According to The Times, things got so heated between them that William allegedly threw Harry out of the room they were in and said that he felt "hurt and betrayed" because Meghan was supposedly "stealing his beloved brother away from him." 

With that said, there's another report that suggests William and Harry's friction might have begun long before the Duchess of Sussex entered the picture. 

William and Harry's issues go way beyond Meghan Markle

Royal author and expert Tina Brown has a new book out called "The Palace Papers: Inside The House Of Windsor – The Truth And The Turmoil." In it, she writes that Prince Harry has always held a grudge over his brother Prince William and their father, Prince Charles. She says that the Duke of Sussex would often vent about his frustrations with his family to his ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, per the Daily Mail. If that weren't enough, Harry accused his brother of "hogging the best briefs" during their "Olympic rows." Apparently, things got really bad after Harry found out that William became patron of the Tusk Trust in 2015. Brown also said that Harry is "addicted to drama" telling The Telegraph in an interview that she's not sure how things will potentially end between Harry and Meghan Markle. Brown said, "'[Maybe] he'll wake up and realize he's living in Goop and he has to get the hell out, go down the pub and see his friends." 

Meanwhile, it seems like Harry himself is not paying attention to any of the royal noise. During an interview with "TODAY" in Holland for the Invictus Games, Harry was asked if he misses having his brother and his father in his life. His answer? "For me, at the moment, I'm here to focus on these guys and these families and giving everything that I can," Harry said, referring to the athletes at the games. In other words, Harry wants the world to know that drama is the last thing he's addicted to.