Johnny Depp's Eye-Opening Texts To Amber Heard's Mom Revealed

As Johnny Depp's defamation trial against Amber Heard continues, revealing texts Depp sent to Heard's mom before the couple's fallout are now shining a light on the intricacies of the pair's relationship. 

Right now, the former husband and wife are battling it out in court, as Depp claims Heard tarnished his reputation and, by extension, his career after writing an op-ed in The Washington Post in 2018, where she detailed the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of Depp, per CNN. While Heard never directly named Depp in the article, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star is asking for $50 million for the damage the allegations have caused to his career in addition to $350,000 for court costs and punitive damages, per the New York Post. Depp maintains that he has not abused Heard. 

On Monday, April 25, Depp finished his testimony in court. During the four days he sat on the stand, he was cross-examined by Heard's attorneys, even opening up about his past with addiction and alcohol abuse. And now, new texts Depp sent to Heard's mom during a time he was struggling with addiction are revealing new details in the case of Depp vs. Heard.

Johnny Depp admired Amber Heard's strength

During Johnny Depp's testimony in his case against former spouse Amber Heard, Heard's attorney read revealing text messages Depp sent to Heard's mom, Paige Parsons. The messages, which were sent in 2014 — before Depp and Heard married — gave an inside look into the duo's relationship and how Heard had the "strength of a thousand men" while dating Depp.

"There's no luckier man on this earth to have the strength that Amber gives me and the full support of each of you individually that I've gotten helps immeasurably," the messages read, according to the New York Post "I don't need to explain the horrors to you... Your daughter has risen far above the nightmarish task of taking care of this poor, old junkie," Depp continued. The "Edward Scissorhands" actor's message to Parsons then revealed, "Never a second has gone by that she didn't look out for me or have her eyes on me to make sure that I was okay. Words are truly feeble in attempting to explain her heroism in a text." 

At the time Depp sent the messages, Depp explained he was struggling with addiction and was headed into detox from painkillers, per USA Today. While Depp stated Heard helped in his battle against opioids, he added that Heard was also a "potential trigger to relapse" for him, and the two maintain the other partner was abusive in the relationship, per Deadline.