The Shady Side Of Jennifer Aydin

On Season 9 of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," viewers were introduced to Jennifer Aydin. Up until her debut, the show had focused on traditional Italian families from New Jersey with a cast who were either in-laws or cousins. Aydin introduced viewers to her own Turkish-American family and has been transparent about their personal conflicts. Even though she was a rookie in the "Housewives" group, she quickly won over viewers by bringing the drama that they always tune in for. 

Aydin always speaks her mind and even owns up to her own gossip-worthy troubles. That has made for some memorable television moments, but has currently left her being ostracized from the rest of the cast. In Season 12, the other ladies have grown tired of her over-the-top personality and have felt like she has taken things too far. Her shady side has involved spreading rumors, tweeting and deleting, and sometimes getting physical with the other Housewives. Here's the rundown on some of her shadiest moments!

Jennifer Aydin dug up dirt about her friend's husband

Season 11 of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" kicked off with a bombshell. Teresa Giudice revealed a rumor that she heard of Jackie Goldschneider's husband having an affair. As the season unfolded, Giudice received backlash from the other ladies for spreading an untrue rumor about someone's husband. Season 12 kicked off in a similar fashion, except it was Jennifer Aydin's husband who was exposed for a past affair — and this time, the bombshell had some truth to it. As Aydin faced embarrassment, she looked to none other than Goldschneider for moral support. 

The two bonded over their marriages being under the microscope, until things quickly went left. Aydin was forced to fess up that last season, she attempted to dig up dirt about Goldschneider's husband and his alleged affair. Goldschneider not only felt betrayed, but called out Aydin for being hypocritical. The other Housewives and viewers also saw Aydin as hypocritical for crying about her own husband's dirt being exposed, when she tried to do the same to Goldschneider's husband. To Aydin's credit, she did own up to her messy actions, though it still left a rift between her and the other Housewives.

She called her castmates crooks

Jennifer Aydin's outspokenness rubbed a couple of the Housewives the wrong way, especially Melissa Gorga, and things between the two ladies got even messier in Season 11. After the cameras stopped rolling, the two took to social media to air each other out in fiery posts. While teasing the Season 11 reunion, the two took swipes at each other on Instagram. In one lengthy caption, Gorga made it clear she was talking about Aydin without name dropping her, and called the Housewife "fake and conniving." 

Aydin clapped back in a post that directly addressed the Gorgas in all but name. And in a since-deleted post, she took aim at Gorga's boutique, posting an article that claimed Gorga sold fake Chanel bags. Gorga responded, and Aydin replied by taking a swipe at the whole family, a thread she continued at the reunion, when Aydin claimed to have heard rumors about Joe Gorga being a shady business owner who doesn't pay people. Aydin claimed to have heard this from Margaret Josephs, though Josephs denied ever saying that. Was this a messy game of telephone or was Aydin lying? We'll never know.

Jennifer Aydin victim blamed her castmate

One emotional moment on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" involved Margaret Josephs opening up about experiencing sexual harassment at work when she was just 20 years old. While writing her memoir, "Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget: How to Survive in Business and Life," Josephs shared the story of her experience with the other ladies. The Housewives met her with praise and even bonded about experiencing similar issues. Not one to bite her tongue, however, Jennifer Aydin challenged her. Aydin questioned how Josephs had previously retold the story as a joke, and said it sounded like Josephs willingly slept with her boss to get ahead. "I didn't understand that she felt powerless, I just thought she was a young girl living it up," Aydin said in her confessional. Aydin offered up an apology and the two seemed to make amends, though not for long. 

Later in the season, the two clashed again when Josephs called Aydin a "sloppy drunk," and Aydin soon decided to strike back. "You told us about sloppy moments that you had. You slept with your boss," she told her. Josephs felt betrayed by her comments. "Do you see what kind of person you are?" she told Aydin. "I revealed an intimate moment and you're trying to hurt me." When the episode aired, Josephs took to Twitter and revealed how hurtful Aydin's comments were, tweeting, "Victim shaming is an all time low. I shared a vulnerable moment that was very painful."

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She accused Melissa Gorga of being too self-absorbed to have a baby

The Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin feud is one that seemingly never dies down in the "Housewives" universe. Since Aydin's debut on the show, Gorga has accused her of flaunting her money and bragging about her marriage. During the reunion for Season 10, things between the two only got worse when Gorga disclosed that she and her husband might want to have another baby via IVF. Aydin scoffed at the revelation and accused Gorga of simply lying for a storyline. She even accused Gorga of being too self-absorbed to get pregnant. "Who are you kidding?" Aydin chimed in. "She's not going to have a baby ... she's way too self-absorbed!" 

Andy Cohen and the other Housewives seemed stunned by Aydin's comments. Gorga took offense and even asked how she came to that bizarre conclusion. Aydin explained that Gorga simply takes too many selfies and is too career-obsessed to have another child. "I think you're making a mockery out of the people who are really going through [IVF]," Aydin told her. Her comments didn't go over too well, however, and Jackie Goldschneider ended the segment by telling Aydin, "You set women back a long way."

The reality star shaded a child's birthday party

In Season 10, Jackie Goldschneider threw a birthday party for her son and invited the Housewives to the bash. One person on the guest list was Jennifer Aydin, who apparently didn't mind being the party pooper. Aydin told the other Housewives that she felt underwhelmed by the party and compared it to her own lavish events. "I think she's just cheap. At her kid's birthday party she had just pizza. After knowing everything that she says, she just seems stingy," Aydin told Margaret Josephs. As usual in the "Housewives" world, the comment made its way back to Goldschneider, who confronted her at lunch. 

Aydin doubled down on her comments and even mocked the goodie bags she handed out. Aydin then accused Goldschneider of not wanting to spend money on her kids and only herself. Goldschneider tried to explain that she doesn't spend money to impress others and told Aydin she's no longer welcomed at her parties. In an attempt to defend Goldschneider, Melissa Gorga chimed in and told the ladies that with her smart spending, her kids will be set up for life. As Gorga's nemesis, Aydin felt slighted by those comments. "Are you saying my kids are not going to be successful in thirty years?" she yelled across the table. Gorga in return called her a b***h and seemed to tune out Aydin, but that only irritated her more and caused her to throw cutlery in her direction.

She got into a physical fight with Melissa Gorga

Three things are certain in life: Death, taxes, and Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin arguing. In Season 12 of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," the two had yet another heated argument that turned physical. What was supposed to be a relaxing party at a beach house turned chaotic when an argument began about Aydin digging for dirt on Jackie Goldschneider's husband and calling the Gorgas "crooks" on Instagram. "You feel like a hater. You called my husband a crook!" Gorga said, confronting her. Aydin defended herself by accusing Gorga of starting the war of words on Instagram. "You attacked me that day for no reason! It wasn't just a caption, it was a f***ing novel," Aydin said, referring to Gorga's post on Instagram that called her "fake and conniving." 

The argument then turned slightly physical when Aydin took it a step further and made a not-so-nice reference to Joe Gorga. "Even he, little b***h girl, came in and commented. I wanted to respond in a way that stung," she said. The argument escalated when the two got in each other's faces and some slight shoving ensued, before Melissa and Joe Gorga stormed out of the party.

Jennifer Aydin shaded another Housewives franchise

As a star of one "Housewives" franchise, it's no surprise that Jennifer Aydin thinks "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is worth watching the most. In a 2021 interview with Hollywood Life, Aydin teased viewers ahead of the premiere of Season 11 and promised an entertaining and drama-filled show. In the interview, she threw some slight shade at another popular Bravo franchise that's filled with feuding Housewives, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." 

When asked about the New Jersey drama and some of the upcoming episodes, Aydin praised the show for having multiple storylines to keep fans entertained. "There's a lot of conflict this season between all of us and it's not the whole season. We're not going to have a Beverly Hills thing where we're going to talk about it until the end of time, no," she said, shading the latest season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," which centered around one thing only — Erika Jayne's legal trouble.

The reality star was accused of exploiting her family drama for TV

On "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," one of Jennifer Adyin's storylines included her parent's marriage hitting a rough patch. In one of the most authentic scenes, Aydin's mother revealed that she felt neglected and emotionally abused by her husband. Aydin initially took her father's side in the dispute, but after speaking to a psychic, she came to the realization that her mother's feelings were valid. In an emotional scene, Aydin's mother revealed that she was never happy in her 48-year-long marriage, though her husband argued against her claims. 

Throughout Season 11, the breakdown of their marriage played out as Aydin struggled to mediate between the two. After the season aired, Aydin told Page Six that her mother stopped speaking to her after she let her father move in with her. In an Instagram caption for the Season 11 reunion, Melissa Gorga accused Aydin of throwing her mother under the bus and exploiting their family drama for screen time. In May 2021, Aydin announced on Instagram that she and her mother have made up and Aydin wrote she apologized for hurting her mother in the past.

She accused Andy Cohen of playing favorites

Even though Jennifer Aydin feels the love from fans, she's not exactly feeling the love from the mastermind of the "Housewives" franchise — Andy Cohen. In Twitter exchanges with fans, Aydin has hinted that she's unhappy with her edit on the show and pointed out that there might be some favoritism going on behind the scenes. When a fan called out Bravo's editing in favor of Melissa Gorga, Aydin replied, "Finally! Someone noticed! Thank you!!" Aydin even retweeted another fan who called out the choppy editing, "We all noticed it! It's horrible how much the editing is in Marge and Melissa's favor. But trust us, we KNOW!" 

After an awkward exchange with Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live," more fans pointed out that Cohen seemed to not like Aydin too much. One fan tweeted Aydin and claimed Cohen was being "condescending AF" to her. Aydin seemed in agreement with the fan and replied, "I guess he has his favorites ... and it's definitely not me, obviously. #cantwinemall." Cohen may not like her, but with her endless shady antics, Jennifer Aydin is definitely television gold.