RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin Gives Update On Feud With Her Mom

Just one day after Melissa Gorga accused Jennifer Aydin of throwing her mother "under the bus for TV," Jennifer has made up with her mom.

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star shared an update with fans on May 20 that she and her mom, Josephine Altinel, moved past their differences and are speaking once again. "I'm happy to announce that my mother and I made up! People with strong family values find their way back to each other, eventually-time heals all wounds!" she excitedly exclaimed on Instagram alongside a selfie with her family. "We are in Turkey together enjoying our newest addition, John Brian, who seems to already be obsessed with his Aunt Jenn! I love you, Mommy and I'm sorry that I hurt you," she continued. "Let's get this family back together!" Jennifer's brother, Michael, lives in Turkey and he had a baby with wife Melda in June 2020, per Bravo

Jennifer was previously in a feud with her mother after the reality star removed her father from the house he shared with her mother due to an alleged toxic living environment, as reported by Page Six. The mother of five moved her father into her own house, and she and her mother stopped speaking after they got in a heated exchange over the situation.

Fans and friends were elated to see Jennifer make up with her mom, but one fan took the news as a chance to complain about the ordeal. However, Jennifer had a quick response. Here is what she had to say.

Jennifer Aydin claps back at fan complaining about the family drama

While most fans congratulated Jennifer Aydin on the happy announcement, one "Real Housewives of New Jersey" fan took the moment to call out Jennifer for showing her personal family drama to the world.

"Some things just don't need to be put all over social media. Family issues are personal. Why would you make this issue with ur mom so public? Why make it ur storyline? Your family relationships are nobody's business," the viewer said, seemingly agreeing with Melissa Gorga's shade from the previous day.

Jennifer quickly responded to the critique and reminded the fan that she is part of a reality television series, which means her personal life is shared with "RHONJ" fans regardless of the issue. "I'm on a reality show about my life- so what's going on in my life- the good, bad and ugly, is what I signed up to show," she explained. "Evolution and progress is the goal and I'm ok with sharing it. Not everyone's got the guts, like me," she proudly concluded.

Many fans celebrated Jennifer's response, commenting that she "does reality TV the right way," and generally cheering her on. Regardless of what people think, it seems like Jennifer will continue to shamelessly display both her triumphs and tribulations for her fans to see. Now, she will once again have her mom by her side as she does it.