Pete Davidson Gets An Unexpected New Job

Pete Davidson has been entertaining us with his quirky brand of humor on "Saturday Night Live" since 2014. The comedian appears to have expanded his repertoire beyond his stage antics and quick wit. According to Deadline, Davidson has inked a deal with Peacock. Not only will he be one of the executive producers and co-writers for the 30-minute live-action show "Bupkis," but he will also be starring in the comedy. The chairman of entertainment content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming Susan Rovner gushed about the forthcoming series. "'Bupkis' will showcase Pete's funny, surprising and unfiltered brand of comedy audiences have come to love as we continue to bolster our Peacock comedy slate," Rovner stated.

The actor seems to be in demand, as he's also been missing from "SNL" while filming the horror flick "The Home." In addition, there has been some speculation about whether Davidson will appear on "The Kardashians" alongside his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. The SKIMS co-founder told Variety, "I have not filmed with him. And I'm not opposed to it." She teased that viewers could eventually see more of Davidson in an upcoming season. "I think I might film something really exciting coming, but it wouldn't be for this season." Until Kardashian reveals her plans for her on-screen time with Davidson, the versatile actor has wet our appetite by showcasing a new side to his talent. Davidson's stylish gig is everything, and we are here for every colorful moment.

Pete Davidson tapped as the face of H&M's latest menswear collection

Pete Davidson is dating fashion icon Kim Kardashian and it seems as if the fashion bug has also bitten him. H&M's new menswear ad stars Davidson wearing some of their new merchandise. The retailer released a statement on April 27 confirming that "Davidson is the face of our bold new campaign." The "relatable" Davidson was tapped because he "encapsulates everything H&M loves about the new menswear mood, with his self-confidence and play with personal style."

In the H&M ad, Davidson and his friend can be seen walking down the street. Davidson mistakenly thinks his friend is complimenting his colorful shirt. However, it's actually a parrot riding shotgun in a car cruising next to them. "Cool shirt!" the parrot quips. Davidson aknowledges the compliment with a "thank you." When the parrot repeats the nicety, the comedian responds, "Yeah, I heard you. thank you." At this point, the friend denies that he was complimenting him, but does concede that it is a nice shirt. The parrot quickly latches onto the new phrase, mimicking, "Aw, that is a nice shirt." Says Davidson, "'It is, isn't it? It is a nice shirt. Makes you wanna walk like this," before swaggering down the road.

According to British Vogue, Davidson has also influenced Kardashian's style. The outlet reports that she is currently experimenting with her look thanks to her boyfriend's unique taste. Seems like H&M may be onto something here.