Netflix Has Bad News For Meghan Markle

We couldn't tell you exactly what's going on over at Netflix HQ, but we can tell you it's not looking good for some people — including the Duchess of Sussex. In addition to increasing fees for users (according to The Verge), cracking down on password sharing (per CNBC), and laying off a bunch of new employees at its Tudum site (as reported by NPR), Netflix also has some bad news for Meghan Markle. 

After stepping down from their official royal duties, Meghan and Prince Harry have been keeping busy with various other projects, including their Archewell podcast on Spotify and all of their charitable work. Meghan has also been getting into children's media, writing her picture book "The Bench," and inking a deal with Netflix for an upcoming cartoon series for kids. Which brings us back to that bad news we were talking about. 

It looks like the apparent chaos at Netflix has also come for the royal family.

Meghan Markle's animated series got canceled

Meghan Markle's upcoming animated series, tentatively titled "Pearl," was supposed to premiere on Netflix in the near future. Unfortunately, the series — which was to go through Meghan and Prince Harry's Archewell Productions and executive produced by Meghan and David Furnish — has been canceled, according to Deadline.

The children's show was supposed to follow the adventures of a 12-year-old girl named Pearl, who is inspired by various famous and important women in history. Before anyone starts speculating that the cancellation has anything to do with the ongoing royal family hullabaloo that's constantly in the press, it looks like Netflix has been quietly putting the kibosh on developing projects left, right, and center, according to Deadline's reporting.

That doesn't mean Archewell Productions is down for the count, though. While "Pearl" may have gotten the axe, it looks like the royal couple's other project, a docu-series called "The Heart of Invictus," is still happening, according to Netflix. Per the streamer's description, the show "will join the competitors as they train, and along the way reveal powerful stories of resilience and hope." So, at least there's always that.