D.L. Hughley Says Pete Davidson Has Gone Too Far With Kanye West

Recently, comedian D.L. Hughley has displayed a lot of candor when commenting on the acrimonious divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye "Ye" West. Earlier this year, fans saw the "Jesus Walks" rapper use his social media platform to berate Kardashian and threaten her new boyfriend, "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson. Hughley called Ye's behavior "stalking" in a frank interview with Vlad TV in March. That lead the "Gold Digger" rapper to set his crosshairs on Hughley and post a threatening message to Instagram, telling the funnyman, "I can afford to hurt u," per XXL.  Posts like that, and others aimed at Kardashian, "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah, and Davidson, resulted in Ye's IG account temporarily suspended from the platform. That didn't stop or scare Hughley from voicing his opinion, taking to Twitter to hit back at Ye, writing, "#Kanye do you know how horrible you gotta be to make a #Kardashian date a white man!"

Since March, the relationship between Kardashian and Davidson has amped up, with the couple becoming red carpet and Instagram official. After their appearance at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, fans noticed Davidson was displaying a new tattoo on his neck, which many speculate are the initials of Kardashian and her four children, per Entertainment Tonight. Now Hughley is weighing in on this development, and his hard-line stance on it doesn't bode well for Davidson.

D.L. Hughley slams Pete Davidson for antagonizing Ye

On May 3, TMZ stopped D.L. Hughley at LAX and asked his opinion on Pete Davidson's neck tattoo that reportedly honors Kim Kardashian and her four kids she shares with her ex, Kanye "Ye" West. Hughley, who has sparred with Ye online, surprisingly took the rapper's side. "That would piss me off," he said. "It's none of my business but if you tattooed my kids on your neck, I'd have something to say about it." Seemingly addressing Davidson, Hughley added that when Davidson does "things like that, it's trouble for you. Nobody's telling you you can't live your life. That's your woman, you're having a good time. But you're putting that man's kids on your neck, that's antagonizing. That's out of pocket to me."

"If you did that to me, I would have a problem with it," Hughley continued before saying that Ye is a good father and he's still in the children's lives. "He ain't an absentee father. He's their father ... You already know that it's a volatile situation. Do you think that's gonna help?" Hughley's opinion is being echoed by someone in Ye's camp, with "Dynasties and Dystopia" rapper Denzel Curry tweeting, "Leave The Kids out of this."

This isn't the first tattoo the "King of Staten Island" star has inked to honor his new gf. According to Page Six, he debuted a new tattoo on his clavicle in March, reading, "My girl is a lawyer."