The Disturbing Comment Ireland Baldwin Claims Her Ex Once Made About Mom Kim

The following article contains discussion of alleged domestic abuse.

Ireland Baldwin, despite her unavoidable connection to her famous parents, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, is a star in her own right. While dad Alec just can't seem to stay free of tabloid controversies, Ireland has already supplied gossip rags with plenty of fodder of her own. Always an outspoken voice on her social media, she recently made waves by siding against Amber Heard in the actor's defamation case against Johnny Depp. "I know women who are exactly like this ... Amber Heard is a terrible person and I hope Johnny gets his reputation and his life back," Ireland emphatically wrote in an April Instagram Story, per the Daily Mail

A model represented by MiLK Management, Ireland has also led a somewhat turbulent love life. She dated professional paddleboard surfer Slater Trout for two years, breaking things off in 2014 to focus on her burgeoning career, People reported. More famously, Ireland struck up a romance with rapper Angel Haze that year, only for it to end right before she entered rehab for "emotional trauma" in April 2015 (per Page Six). According to sources at the time, their breakup was not the reason for Ireland seeking treatment.

If you thought you knew all about Ireland's exes, however, buckle in. The model recently shed some shocking insight into her exes' alleged heinous behavior.

Ireland Baldwin recalls hateful and abusive comments from exes

It seems like Ireland Baldwin says "good riddance" to her exes. In an April 30 TikTok, Baldwin revealed some of the most upsetting things an ex has said to her, in response to a trending question. Baldwin rattled off the horrifying remarks back-to-back, recalling such demeaning lines as, "'You'll never be as beautiful as your mom; I've always wanted to f*** her' and "Are you really going to eat all that?" Less surprisingly, Baldwin claimed some exes attempted to take advantage of her and her parents' fame. She says her former partners asked her, "Do you think you can get me a modeling contract?" as well as "Do you think your dad will help me get into NYU?"

Some of the alleged comments from Baldwin's exes were also downright abusive. As she recalled, two such threats stated, "When I get home, I'm going to smash your face against the wall" and "I'm going to smash your teeth in." On a recent episode of Facebook Watch's "Red Table Talk" (per the Daily Mail), Baldwin shared, "I was in a really abusive relationship and I did go to a treatment center," elaborating that she's experienced "a lot of different kinds of abuse" (including the physical variety). "I've been through so much before I really got help," Baldwin told Willow Smith in the sit-down interview.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support on their website.