Why Sylvester Stallone Has Jason Statham So Emotional

Actor Sylvester Stallone is publicly documenting why his co-star, Jason Statham, is a bit sentimental on the set of their most recent film shoot. The two celebs have worked alongside one another on four "Expendables" movies and have become fans of each other in the process. The pair chose to additionally collaborate when Statham starred in "Homefront," a film with a screenplay adaptation written by Stallone. In a 2013 Den of Geek interview, Statham spoke highly of the "Rocky" star's variety of talents. "He's one of the great writers," Statham said of Stallone, before adding, "He just comes with a stamp of quality."

After over a decade of playing Barney Ross in "The Expendables" films, Stallone announced via Instagram in October 2021 that the fourth installment of the franchise would be his final. "This will be my last day," he said in the social media video. "I'm enjoying it, but it's always bittersweet." Stallone added that he's "ready to pass the baton on" to the "capable hands" of Statham as he concludes these projects. A more recent social media post is now showing Statham's feelings as Stallone taped his final moments on "The Expendables" set.

Jason Statham is left lonely with Sylvester Stallone's Expendables departure

Jason Statham displayed an emotional demeanor about Sylvester Stallone's exit from "The Expendables" movie franchise. On May 3, Stallone posted a video on his Instagram account, in which he filmed himself and Statham during some of his last moments on set.  

"I'm leaving and you're on your own," Stallone said to Statham in the clip. In response, Statham called it "a mutiny" and "abandonment" that Stallone is departing "The Expendables." "It's going to be a very lonely set," he said. "You're supposed to be sorry and apologetic, rather than ... happy about it," he jokingly added. "As I'm wrapping my teeth around caviar and pheasant, I'll be thinking about you, dear," Stallone humorously said in response.

Stallone already has some new projects on the horizon. In late April, Paramount+ released a photo of the actor portraying Dwight, a mafia boss character in the upcoming series, "Tulsa King." Fans are already expressing excitement, with one commenting, "I can't wait to watch this show" and another adding, "You had me at Stallone!!" Although his "Expendables" contributions have ended, hopefully Stallone and Statham's paths will cross again for another project in the future!