The Untold Truth Of Sister Wives' Christine Brown

Christine Brown rose to fame on the hit reality television show "Sister Wives." The show put the spotlight on the Brown family's polygamous lifestyle and followed the interpersonal relationships that existed within their large family. Christine Brown was one of four wives married to Kody Brown, and is the mother of six of his 18 children.

Fans of the "Sister Wives" tuned in to watch the relationships between the Brown families evolve as each member of the polygamous clan adapted to the ever-changing times. Christine Brown experienced a series of personal changes as the dynamics in her plural marriage began to shift.

Tension in Christine and Kody's relationship heightened during the pandemic, eventually leading Christine to realize she was no longer happy with her polygamous arrangement. As she began drifting away from Kody, she became more confident and started developing her own sense of identity, eventually becoming the first of the wives to leave a life of polygamy to forge her own path.

She was hurt by the fact that Kody Brown hadn't invested in the marriage

Christine Brown entered into her polygamous lifestyle thinking her love and adoration for Kody would be reciprocated, but as time went on, she began realizing Kody was far less invested in their relationship than she had hoped. During an episode of "Sister Wives," Christine's emotional frustration became evident as she declared on camera, "I'm tired of feeling like I don't matter. I'm tired of not having his support when I really need it. I'm just tired. I need a partnership. I need something different than this."

Christine was reportedly upset and hurt by the emotional distance that existed between her and Kody, according to an inside source that spoke to Us Weekly. "She really loved Kody. She gave him her all in hope that he would love her," the source revealed to the outlet. Christine grew increasingly irritated by her living arrangements and was upset that her desire to move to Utah was not supported by Kody. "I can't do marriage with Kody anymore," she said in an episode.

Her great uncle was a polygamist that allegedly murdered her grandfather

Christine Brown's family roots and genealogical history were under scrutiny after a lady named Anna LeBaron opened up in a bombshell interview with The Sun. LeBaron revealed a cult connection between her and Brown. She announced that Brown's maternal grandfather, Floren LeBaron, was brothers with her father, Ervil. This meant that LeBaron and Brown were cousins once removed. The discovery of their family history led to a very dark revelation.

LeBaron alleged that Ervil was a sinister polygamous cult leader, saying, "He would have people killed who would try to leave his cult." LeBaron went on to declare that one of the victims killed by Ervil was in fact Brown's other grandfather — Rulon Allred. Allred was allegedly shot to death, on Ervil's order, along with the deaths of approximately 25 people that were connected to Ervil, per The Sun. Although Brown and LeBaron share this chilling familial history, the two women have never met in person.

Kody's marriage to Robyn was one of the reasons Christine left

The general consensus among the sister wives is that Kody Brown doted on his fourth wife, Robyn, the most. Almost immediately after Robyn was introduced to the family, Christine Brown believed he favored Robyn so much that she felt less important to him than ever before. During Season 1, she expressed frustration over Kody's absences while visiting Robyn: "[Robyn] lives, like, five hours away, There [were] a couple times where I'm like, 'You really can't go. You can't leave me, and you can't leave your family. You are replacing your family with Robyn and her kids."

Kody's closeness with Robyn quickly became unbearable to Christine, and shifted the balance in the family. The March 7, 2021, episode of "Sister Wives" included the revelation that Christine perceived herself as being a "basement wife," whereas she felt Robyn stood out as being the "queen wife." Christine noted that Kody started distancing himself from her and their children over time, even though she did her best to keep the marriage afloat. She opened up to Kody about being overwhelmed with responsibilities, only to discover that he was unwilling to assist her. 

Christine decided to do something about it. She was the first of the wives to take matters into her own hands by leaving her marriage in pursuit of her own dreams. By doing so, Christine completely freed herself of the polygamous lifestyle that was no longer working for her.

Christine Brown became jealous of the other wives

Christine willingly entered into a polygamous lifestyle, knowing that she would be sharing Kody with other wives, yet in spite of making this conscious decision, she admitted to being envious of the other wives. "I'm really sorry — I still get jealous," said Christine. "I still get super, super, super jealous and I'm really, really, really sorry," she said during a family meeting on the Season 10 premiere. 

Christine explained that with these strong feelings of jealousy, "It makes getting together hard — really, really hard." She also experienced isolation, saying, "I feel like I'm on the outside looking in all the time." But it seemed that Christine wasn't the only one who struggled with the plural marriage model.

In the episode, Kody confessed his awareness of the tension that existed between his wives, and expressed guilt over being the cause of it. "I have all the love I want and you guys sometimes feel like you're pining constantly for me to give you some," he said. Kody revealed that he had begun questioning the polygamous lifestyle altogether. "Plural marriage, what I know about it, I wonder if I would do it again. Knowing that it's hard on all of you," he said.

Christine and Kody are distant relatives

Maintaining close bonds and working together as a family unit are two of the integral components in mastering a successful polygamous lifestyle, and the Brown family worked hard at building trusting, loving relationships with one another. However, it was discovered that Christine and Kody Brown were also deeply connected on a very different level — one that nobody had ever expected.

It was revealed that Christine Brown isn't just one of Kody's wives; she also happens to be a distant cousin of his, as well. Radar stunned fans when they came forward with the confirmation that Kody and Christine share some of the same relatives.

With the help of, their familial history was traced back to uncover the fact that the two were connected to one another well before they entered into their polygamous marriage. Kody and Christine are both kin to William Moore Allred and Orissa Angela Bates, which means that they are in fact distant relatives that truly share a familial connection.

She felt unheard and undervalued in her relationship with Kody

Every marriage has its ups and downs, but Christine Brown's relationship with Kody Brown often left her feeling unheard and undervalued. Christine expressed that her emotional needs weren't being met, and began to recognize that her feelings and views weren't validated or taken into consideration by Kody. This was especially true when it came to serious matters that required decision-making. 

"The thing that I struggle with most is when I feel like I don't have a say or when I feel like I'm not as important or things like that," she told Us Weekly in March 2021. The reality star continued, "Anytime we've had major decisions, I go through a time where I'm like, 'Does my opinion really even matter here?'" Christine acknowledged the lack of equality in her situation. One such issue was the debate over whether or not the group would move back to Utah, where Christine could be closer to family.

Christine Brown stood up for herself

After constantly feeling that her opinions didn't matter to Kody, and in an effort to avoid conflict and hostility, Christine became complacent and went along with the decisions that Kody made on behalf of the family. She admitted that she took on the role of being agreeable for the sake of peace-keeping, and that she frequently opted to say "yes" to everything that Kody wanted, instead of being true to her own feelings, as she explained to ET.

"I just had to be always positive and upbeat and 'whatever you need' and 'absolutely. I didn't mind, it was what I did, it was completely fine, until it wasn't. All of a sudden, I just realized I couldn't anymore," she told the outlet. Christine had started to express her discontent onscreen, saying in fall 2021, "Marriage is hard, but I never wanted the kind of marriage that I have now. I never wanted to be so estranged and have extremely limited physical contact. ... My marriage to Kody is sad." Kody reportedly subtracted the intimacy from their union.

The dynamic between Christine and Kody changed dramatically when she began pushing back and sharing her own views, refusing to blindly comply with all of Kody's wishes and demands. "Everything changed, and Kody withdrew and then I withdrew and then we just withdrew," she told ET. 

Christine Brown feared backlash after announcing her split from Kody

Christine and Kody Brown were spiritually married and fully immersed in their polygamous lifestyle for over 25 years before Christine called it quits on their relationship. The mom posted a statement on Instagram in November 2021, saying in part: "...Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave. We will continue to be a strong presence in each other's lives as we parent our beautiful children..." Leaving the only life she had known for so long was a bold move for Christine, and she admitted to fearing backlash from the public when she announced her decision.

Christine reportedly made a conscious effort to completely stay off social media after announcing her split from Kody, for fear of having to deal with harsh judgement from fans. She seemed to be concerned that she would be hated for turning her back on the rest of the Brown family and wasn't sure how the public would respond. "When Mom first released the picture on Instagram, explaining that she had left, she was terrified. She was horrified," her son Paedon revealed on "Reality Life with Kate Casey."

Christine was pleasantly surprised to discover that most fans fully supported her decision, and shared comments and words of encouragement for the star as she took steps to create a fresh new life.

Her independence is appreciated

After nearly three decades in a polygamous family, Christine Brown had officially left her plural marriage behind. This was a dramatic lifestyle change for Brown and required a period of adjustment, but a new path suited her. "I do like my independence. I really do," she said on "Sister Wives," adding that life could be more enjoyable and "fun" when Kody wasn't around. Brown was released from the constant requirement to accommodate the needs of the other wives and children, which left room for new opportunities for self expression.

Brown told ET that she was happier with herself, but the benefits of her lifestyle change were visible to Brown's children, as well. "I just feel like I've been able to really raise my kids how I want to," she said. Reflecting back on his mother's emotional state while living in a polygamous environment, son Paedon told Us Weekly, "Mom is happier now. She is now minutes away from her two oldest daughters. And eventually, in the future, maybe more children will move up there." Paedon expressed the family's gratitude for their former way of life, but he explained, "It's just not for us and just not for her anymore."

Her physical transformation

During the course of their relationship, Kody made some disparaging comments about Christine's physical appearance that many fans perceived to be body-shaming incidents. The tell-all book "Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage" revealed details about a road trip they embarked on as a young couple. "Christine was the cutest girl in the world, although she was a little chubby," Kody said in the book, according to Radar. Kody went on to say, "The sight of this chubby girl in my car devouring chili cheese nachos for breakfast put the brakes on our relationship."

This type of dialogue continued to haunt Christine when Kody made complimentary comments about Robyn's weight loss soon after giving birth. This criticism motivated Christine to undergo a physical transformation. She documented this on social media, and highlighted the changes she made to her eating habits as well as her workout routine.

Christine completely overhauled her aesthetic image and revealed a fresh, new version of herself to the world, in spite of her husband's misogynistic comments.

She has a diverse range of income streams

Christine Brown had to generate additional funds after discovering that she needed to come up with $50,000 for her daughter's surgery. She worked hard to earn more money and managed to generate a number of different income streams for her family. With her dedication, Brown has managed to earn an impressive amount of money for herself and her children.

In addition to the wage she earns for her appearances on "Sister Wives," Brown has also registered a company called CBrown Quest, LLC with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Through her new company, Brown sold LuLaRoe clothing, and found huge success by selling the garments on Facebook, according to The Sun.

Brown has also refined her craft in the area of social media advertising. She has expanded her online audience by posting frequently and by promoting her business, to great success. She has joined Cameo, and continues to engage in a number of paid, fan-based interactions. Brown is currently charging $40 for a personalized video for her fans, and $245 to engage in corporate video content and promotion.

Christine Brown is blissfully happy in Utah

During the final stages of her marriage to Kody, numerous episodes of "Sister Wives" highlighted Christine's strong desire to live in Utah. Kody, however, was completely unwilling to even consider making the move, and constantly pushed back on the idea. Christine's passionate plea fell on deaf ears, and it quickly became apparent that if she wanted to live in Utah, she would have to boldly opt to do so without Kody's support.

Christine felt strongly about wanting to leave Arizona, and immediately after making the decision to end her relationship, she bravely left to start living out her dreams. Us Weekly obtained documents noting the October 2021 sale of her Arizona property, and Brown wasted no time at all settling into a 3,490-square-foot duplex in Utah. The Sun reported that the home has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an outdoor deck, and a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances.

Numerous posts documenting her new life on social media suggest she is flourishing in her new environment. She can be seen smiling and posing in front of her garage, hosting a murder mystery party, and living it up with her loved ones. "I really like living separate. I like my own space," she dished to ET

Christine Brown 'had no idea life could be so simple'

Since leaving her polygamous lifestyle behind, Christine Brown has been able to transform every aspect of her life to better reflect her personal style and standard of living. Brown's happiness was evident when she described what it was like to branch out to a world that's all her own: "Life is so great. I had no idea life could be simple," she told a fan in a Cameo video (via Page Six). The mom added, "It's a phenomenal world. It's a whole new world. I hope Kody and I can still remain friends through this."

Since starting her new chapter, Brown has been able to dedicate more time to self-care, and her peaceful surroundings have lent to a more laid-back lifestyle. The single mom shared a picture of herself reading and wrote on Instagram, "Sometimes, it's the simple things in life, like reading an actual book ... [that remind] me how to take time for myself and reset for the day!"

She's also enjoyed cooking for family and for a TLC web series, "Cooking with Just Christine." Brown makes pancakes with her daughter Truely and brings on daughter Mykelti for dinner rolls and lasagna. Yum!

She was the first of Kody Brown's wives to give birth on camera

Christine Brown made an immediate impression on viewers of "Sister Wives" during the show's first season. One big reason for that happened to be that she was pregnant at the time the series began. In fact, it was fairly early on in the show — in the season's fourth episode — that she delivered the plural family's latest baby, thereby becoming the first "Sisters Wives" wife to share her birthing experience on camera with viewers. As TLC's episode synopsis pointed out, she was about a week overdue, leading to a decision about whether or not to induce labor.

In the episode, the impending arrival of another child into the already large family was complicated by the fact that Kody was in the process of bringing a fourth wife into the scenario at the exact same time. As Brown admitted in a confessional interview, she wasn't exactly jumping for joy about the arrival of another sister wife. "I like easy," she said. "And so I kind of like just having three [wives]."

Christine Brown found new love with David Woolley

After declaring her independence from Kody and restarting her life, Christine Brown was perfectly positioned for a new relationship that didn't involve polygamy. As a result, she began dating, for the first time in decades. "If there happens to be a love of my life, boom! Sign me up," she explained in an interview with "Today." Of course, she added that she didn't feel she was quite ready for getting into something serious, at least not right away. "My energy's not quite right for that situation," she admitted, but did concede that she'd been enjoying the experience of putting herself back on the market. "It's been fun because I never really dated that much before," Brown added. "So dating has been a blast. I've loved it."

Just a couple of months after that interview, Brown shared some news via Instagram Stories. "I am dating someone exclusively," she told her followers, as reported by The Sun. "He's wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I've been looking for." Shortly after, she made that romance Instagram official when she introduced her Instagram followers to new boyfriend David Wooley. "I finally found the love of my life, David," she gushed. 

Brown subsequently revealed he'd popped the question — and she said yes. "I've never been in love like this before, and the world seems like a brighter place with him in it," Brown told People of her new fiancé. 

Christine cut her mom out of her life for a time

There's no getting around that Christine Brown and her mother, Annie, have had a somewhat fraught relationship over the years. While Brown was brought up in a plural marriage, her own plans to marry polygamist Kody Brown clashed with her mom's decision to exit her own polygamist marriage, and subsequently becoming an outspoken opponent of polygamy. In fact, a major rift reportedly formed between mother and daughter when Annie (identified as Ruthanne Stevens) discussed her decision to leave the polygamist lifestyle in a documentary. "It's very fear-based," she said of the life she'd left. "People are afraid to go there, they don't talk about abuse. They don't talk about the dark side of it. Because they want everyone to believe that this is the picture of perfection."

As Brown's unhappiness in her plural marriage to Kody grew worse, her mind apparently became open to what her mother had been sharing about her own experiences with polygamy. This allowed Brown to mend the relationship with her mom, which has resulted in some speculation that Annie may have influenced her daughter's decision to leave Kody.

In any case, by 2022 mother and daughter had since reconnected and were back in each other's lives. That was evidenced by a TLC video posted on Instagram that September, in which the two share a chicken recipe.

The moment she realized her marriage to Kody was over

For regular viewers of "Sister Wives," it couldn't have come as that much of a shock when Christine Brown finally announced she was leaving husband Kody and her fellow wives. For anyone watching closely, the signs were there as her relationship with her husband deteriorated in front of the camera. There was, however, one moment that brought everything into perspective for her and propelled her to take action. 

"You can put me down as much as you want, after awhile, but then I hit my wall and I'm done," Brown said in a promo for the "Sister Wives" season-ending special. In that episode, Brown revealed that her watershed moment came when her husband told her that he was no longer physically attracted to her. "It was terrible to hear and it's super embarrassing," she admitted. However, Kody's revelation ultimately led her to an epiphany about their relationship. "After he said that I was kind of like, 'Oh, well then I'm done. It's over.' It was almost a relief. I'm not going to keep fighting for this or trying if you're not attracted to me," she explained. 

Viewers couldn't have been all that surprised when Kody reacted by blaming her for their problems. "I was ambivalent," he said of her exit from their marriage. "[Christine] is a game player. From the time we were married — manipulation, pouting, temper tantrums, just behavior things."

She complained that Kody 'doesn't know' their children

While Kody's admission of no longer having any attraction to Christine Brown was the straw that broke the camel's back and led her to leave, by no means was it the only factor. Another significant problem, she pointed out, was his flimsy relationship with the children they shared. 

During a December 2022 appearance on the "Reality Life with Kate Casey" podcast, she admitted that by fathering so many children, Kody had spread himself too thin as a father. "It was like a vicious cycle all the time," she said. In fact, she recalled how she would continually try to reassure her children how much their father loved them, and that he'd be there soon to spend quality time with them — which never happened. "And after a while, they just stopped believing me," Brown explained. "And I saw it in their eyes that they didn't really, they didn't really feel like they had a great connection with him," she admitted.

In fact, it was her kids' dismal relationship with their father that remains one of the biggest regrets of her marriage. "They were awkward around him and nervous. And it's tough because all I want for my kids is to have a great relationship with their dad, are you kidding me?" she said. "I don't wanna raise my kids with daddy issues. That's super, super sad."

The reason she had to end her friendship with Meri

For Christine Brown, another aspect of the fallout from her leaving Kody was the relationship with the other sister wives who chose to remain. In the December 2022 "Sister Wives" special, sister wife Meri Brown opened up about how Christine's exit had particularly impacted their friendship. "At the time that she first was telling us, that's really how I felt. I felt very betrayed by her and that she was leaving me too," Meri explained in a clip from the special. "Because she has always said, 'I didn't just want the man. I want the sister wives.'"

Christine, however, offered a slightly different account of events. Asked why she thought Meri would feel "betrayed" by her, Christine responded, "'Cause I ended the friendship. I ended the relationship, I did. I ended it. It wasn't safe for me anymore and I ended it and I just told her straight up, 'No, we're not going to be friends cause I don't trust you and I'm not gonna do that to myself anymore,'" she explained.

The same didn't hold true when it came to her relationship with the other wives, Jenelle and Robyn, but she did admit those relationships weren't as close as they once were. "You know, I think it might just always be that when we see each other we will be cordial," Christine told "Today." "I think that's all that's going to happen, to be honest."