Leena Nasir

Toronto, Canada
York University
Celebrity, Entertainment, Luxury Lifestyle
  • Leena has her finger on the pulse of all things related to entertainment.
  • With an innate sense of what's current, trending, and buzz-worthy, Leena has reported on some of the biggest entertainment stories of our time.
  • Obsessed with fact-based, no-nonsense reporting, Leena has a keen-eye for the details that set a story apart from the rest.


Leena has over 10 years of celebrity, entertainment, and luxury lifestyle experience as a journalist, writer, and editor. Her background in special event management expanded to celebrity events, which then developed into a passion for writing about all things related to the world of entertainment. She has previously reported for The Things, The Richest, Moms, HotCars, and many more digital media sites, demonstrating the depths of her knowledge and the vast skill set she brings to every role.


Leena has an honors degree in English, Psychology, and Business Management, and has used her educational background to successfully merge the world of live celebrity events with masterfully written articles.
Stories By Leena Nasir