The Shady Side Of Shanna Moakler

Shanna Moakler has risen to fame as a model, actor, and reality television star. She has been modeling since her childhood years, and was crowned as Miss USA in 1995, when the original winner became Miss Universe. Moakler is famously tied to Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink-182, with whom she shares two children. The two starred in their own reality television show and experienced fame as a couple before their relationship began to crumble.

The spotlight hasn't always shone favorably on Moakler. Her name has been splashed across the headlines in connection with a slew of controversial moments with other stars, and she has faced scrutiny for her behavior both online and in person. Some of her least desirable moments include explosive outbursts that have gotten Moakler into a lot of hot water (with some resulting in police intervention).

Moakler has displayed moments of public outrage and has lashed out against the people that she was once the closest to, including her now-ex husband Travis Barker and her very own children. The star continues to display her shady side in a number of explosive exchanges with other celebrities, and frequently draws attention to the friction in her life by posting details on her social media outlets.

Paris Hilton claimed Shanna Moakler was violent

Shanna Moakler has displayed some dramatic moments over the years, and Paris Hilton claims one of them resulted in a physical altercation. In October 2006, Hilton and Moakler attended the Hyde Club in Hollywood, when Hilton said she was approached by Moakler in an aggressive manner. Hilton accused Moakler of using "the most vile of  language" before punching her in the jaw, according to Today. Hilton's boyfriend at the time reportedly stepped in to diffuse the situation and allegedly harmed Moakler. Both starlets filed police reports.

It seems this situation left the ladies with bad blood between them. In April 2007, Moakler boldly posted Lindsay Lohan and Hilton's personal contact information on her MySpace page, according to TMZ. Hilton's representatives accused Moakler of being "desperate for press and attention," and called the contact leak an "unprovoked invasion upon Paris' privacy." Moakler's representatives fired back to say, "Shanna had valid reasons for her actions and she stands by every one of them." Those valid reasons supposedly included seeing her own contact info posted by Lohan's late ex, Harry Morton.

Shanna Moakler shaded the Kardashians online

Shanna Moakler put her personal issues on blast in 2021, this time using the lyrics from a Justin Bieber song to reflect her strong feelings against the Kardashian family. She quoted Bieber's hit single "Love Yourself" by posting a snippet of the chorus in the caption of an Instagram post. "My mama don't like you, and she likes everyone," she wrote. Moakler then proceeded to engage with her followers and commented with a direct reference to the Kardashians, to drive her message home.

Moakler also threw some shade at the Kardashians by liking a comment that was aimed at them on Instagram. The situation began when a user wrote, ""Shhhhiiiii that broad don't got nothin' on you. Travis downgraded big time" (via E! News). This reference to Travis Barker's romance with Kourtney Kardashian was written on a post that featured a sultry photograph of Moakler sitting in a chair in posed position. 

Moakler's encouragement of the Kourtney-Travis comment inspired other users to continue trashing Kourtney Kardashian, and additional comments soon flooded Moakler's page. One user wrote, "Damn, what a downgrade be made 🔥 girl just laugh at Em.. He'll have a blast in all that drama 😹," and another piped up with, "You are so much more beautiful than Kourtney!!!"

Police have arrested her in the past

Shanna Moakler's arrest record isn't a squeaky clean one. In December 2014, she and Travis Barker were involved in a domestic dispute which resulted in them both getting arrested. In an exclusive report, TMZ explained that both Moakler and Barker were handcuffed and placed into police custody after allegedly making verbal threats against one another amid a heated dispute. Barker allegedly threatened to kill Moakler, and according to the report, she responded by threatening him in return. This incident was reportedly the result of a disagreement about Barker wanting to appear in a reality television show alongside the couple's children.

Per TMZ's report, death threats were uttered by Barker, and Moakler threatened to have Barker beaten up by her boyfriend, none of which was acceptable behavior, according to police. In spite of the fact that they were both arrested, charges were not filed against either of them. However, this unsavory situation led to an investigation by the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.

She accused Kim Kardashian of having an affair with Travis Barker

Shanna Moakler has firmly put the blame on the Kardashians for causing irreversible problems in her marriage to Travis Barker. She blamed Kim Kardashian for being the reason her marriage dissolved, by coming forward with allegations that Kim and Travis Barker had an affair. This fully loaded accusation simultaneously cast shade on the relationship between the Kardashian sisters, since Kourtney Kardashian was dating Barker while her sister was being accused of being intimate with him. In one swift blow, Moakler's allegations potentially created doubts about the integrity of all these interpersonal relationships.

The shady comment was viewed by many as being an attempt to create friction between Kourtney and Travis, while also attempting to divide Kim and Kourtney. "I divorced my ex because, I saw them — I caught them having an affair," Moakler said to Us Weekly. She went on, "Someone sent me all their [text] conversations and I'm also close friends with people who were there, while things were happening. ... We were working on our marriage and trying to heal through that affair, that infidelity, [but] he continued to [work with her.]"

Shanna Moakler's flirty conversations with Lamar Odom

Shanna Moakler has been accused of taking on a very flirty tone with Lamar Odom during her time on "Celebrity Big Brother." Her interactions with him created serious tension between her and Matthew Rondeau, who was her boyfriend at the time. Rondeau took to his Instagram Story in February 2022 to say: "What I saw and what I heard on the live feeds between Shanna and Lamar was unacceptable, and I was not happy about those word exchanges as I stated earlier" (via Us Weekly). He went on to declare he was "not jealous of Lamar Odom ... or any other man," but expressed that he felt Moakler's behavior was inappropriate.

TMZ reported that Moakler admitted to being in the wrong, and said she understood why Rondeau was upset. She attempted to clarify that she was not interested in dating Odom, but that proved to be too little too late for Rondeau. In a now-deleted Instagram video, Rondeau blasted Moakler, saying, "I'm done. I'm never talking to this f***ing specimen of a f***ing human again. The truth is I found out that she was talking to other f***ing people the whole entire time in our relationship, that's the truth" (via Us Weekly). The two were involved in a heated domestic dispute that same day, and Rondeau was subsequently arrested.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.

Her daughter trashed her parenting skills on social media

Shanna Moakler's parenting has been put under the microscope by her very own children. Two of her kids have taken to social media with shocking revelations about their family dynamics, airing their personal grievances with their mother in a very public forum.

Moakler's daughter, Alabama, put her mom on blast in May 2021 by posting a video to TikTok and lip-syncing lyrics to "The Letter," by Kehlani, according to Us Weekly. "And every girl needs a mother / And damn it, I needed you / Instead you dug for cover / And you ran from the truth / And like kids do / You waited around for proof," she sang.

Alabama's Instagram Story also told a tale of troubled times with her mother. In the midst of commentary involving a DM Moakler had supposedly sent, Alabama posted a Story explaining, "My mom has never completely been in my life. Can you guys stop painting her out to be an amazing mom? Did your moms ask to see you on Mother's Day [because] mine didn't? I'm done keeping it a secret, reality shows" (via People).

Communication with her kids broke down

Shortly after Shanna Moakler's daughter described her strained relationship with her mother on social media in 2021, communication between Moakler and her children broke down altogether. Moakler became completely estranged from their lives, and the family drama unfolded in front of the media. In an interview with Page Six, Moakler said, "Sadly right now at this moment there's still some distance. I'm just trying to give everybody some space." She indicated that the purpose of the break was "so we can heal and come back together again."

Shanna's son Landon responded to a comment made on TikTok that suggested he wasn't treating his mother well. He reportedly responded, "Actually if you weren't such a dumbass you would realize our mom has never been in our lives and isn't there for us like our dad is" (via People).

The display of animosity continued on when a TikTok user commented on a video posted by Landon, "He looks so much like his mom," to which the teenager replied, "I wouldn't consider Shanna Moakler my mom whatsoever," according to Life & Style Magazine.

She deleted photos of her children from social media

Shanna Moakler's relationship with her children broke down even more dramatically shortly after Travis Barker proposed to Kourtney Kardashian. Moakler had expressed animosity toward Kardashian in the past, and had highlighted her disdain for the couple's public displays of affection by saying they were "weird," in a People interview. When Moakler discovered Kardashian was becoming a stepmother to her children, her anger was ignited, and observant fans noticed she did something very dramatic on social media.

In October 2021, Moakler seemingly deleted some of the images she had posted of her children online. Every then-recent photo and video she had put up to highlight moments shared with her kids was suddenly missing, and was presumably wiped clean by Moakler herself, according to The Sun.

As rumors began to swirl about what would cause Moakler to remove images of her own children, she resurfaced on social media with a now-deleted cryptic post which read, "Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance," per The Sun.

Shanna Moakler publicly lashed out at the Kardashians

Shanna Moakler has made no secret of the fact that she has ill feelings toward the Kardashian family. She has long-maintained the belief that Travis Barker and Kim Kardashian had an affair while she was still married to Barker, and has stated that this is the reason her marriage to Barker came to an official end, according to Us Weekly.

She continued to publicly lash out against the famous family by blaming them for causing her marriage to fail, as well as holding them responsible for interfering in the lives of her children and fracturing the bond she once shared with her kids. During an interview with TMZ, Moakler bluntly stated, "My family is broken because of this family and now my kids and I are alienated from each other because of another sister in the family, so yay for me."

When the reporter asked Moakler what message she would relay to Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, she responded by saying, "Thanks for destroying my family twice."

She tried to auction off Travis Barker's stuff

Shanna Moakler found herself in the hot seat once more, after attempting to auction off items that once belonged to her ex-husband, Travis Barker. During an interview with Us Weekly, a source close to Moakler explained that she was taking final steps toward complete closure by getting rid of things that served as reminders of their relationship. Many viewed this as an opportunistic move on her part, to cash in on his fame.

In July 2021, the source revealed, "Shanna is scoping out auction houses to auction off sentimental things that Travis has gotten her when they were together." They went on to say, "She wants to sell her engagement ring ... She also wants to sell her wedding ring and an Andy Warhol painting of a cow — a famous painting for sure."

This sparked a controversial response from fans, who felt she was attempting to monetize Barker's heightened celebrity status, since being linked to Kourtney Kardashian. The items being placed on the auction block were all previously seen on the reality TV show "Meet The Barkers" that both Moakler and Barker had previously starred in.

Shanna Moakler posted eerie imitations of Kourtney and Travis

Shanna Moakler has taken full advantage of the fact that Instagram Stories automatically delete after 24 hours of being posted, and has seemingly used this as a method to taunt Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. Moakler posted a number of shocking posts on this forum, most of them consisting of her mocking the relationship between Kardashian and her ex-husband.

In a now-deleted Story, Moakler and her boyfriend at the time, Matthew Rondeau, mimic Barker and Kardashian. One NSFW picture that she put up in April 2021 parodied the sultry vacation photos Kardashian and Barker had posted on their social media accounts, and Moakler's joke was viewed as a sarcastic response to their public displays of affection.

Moakler told People, "Matthew and I have been posting stuff in a joking manner, but not so much to attack Kourtney and Travis." She went on to clarify, "It was more to annoy her fan base because at some point you have to make a joke out of it."

Travis Barker thought she was fake on reality TV

Shanna Moakler has made a living from her public profile and the image that she projects to her fans, both of which came under attack by Travis Barker. Barker claims that Moakler was "fake" during the time they were filming their reality TV show. Moakler's fame and public image skyrocketed after being featured alongside the Blink-182 star on their very own series, and Barker pegs this as being the pivotal moment in which Moakler began to change into a person he was no longer aligned with.

Barker accused Moakler of putting on a false display for the sake of fame, and called out her behavior to the press. In 2015, Barker authored a tell-all book titled "Can I Say," and as he retold his life experiences, he identified the alleged inadequacies of Moakler's behavior and on-screen portrayal, pointing out that this did not reflect what she was like when the cameras weren't rolling.

"I felt like having the reality show changed Shanna's character. Shanna wanted to be an actress, and I felt she started doing things just for the cameras — for attention, or maybe it was just her dramatic personality," he wrote (via Radar). Interestingly enough, Moakler was a featured contributor for Barker's book, and she wrote, "I think the show destroyed our relationship. ...when the cameras stopped rolling, [Travis] distanced himself from me in every way that he possibly could."