The Untold Truth Of Shanna Moakler

If you've been keeping tabs on Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's relationship then you've heard of Shanna Moakler, Barker's ex-wife. When the Blink-182 rocker put a ring on the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star's finger in October 2021, Moakler's response wasn't far behind — and it definitely wasn't the first time she's commented on the lovebirds. But Moakler is more than just a jaded ex-wife; she's had a lengthy career in Hollywood and was in the spotlight long before people were interested the Kardashian family's reality series.

Despite being an open book, there may be some things Moakler's fans may still not know about the former "Meet the Barkers" star. For example, did you know that the mom of three had dreams of working in the medical field (you know, this whole show business thing didn't work out)? "If I wasn't acting, I would love to work in a hospital with newborns in the nursery or doing ultrasounds," she told Playboy (via Vintage Playboy Magazines). Aw.

Care to find out more about Shanna Moakler? Read on to find out her untold truth. 

Shanna Moakler's rocky romance with Travis Barker

Exes Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler have had a seriously rocky relationship, to say the least. According to Life & Style, the two first got together in 2002, before son Landon was born a year later. They then tied the knot in 2004, but their MTV reality series, "Meet the Barkers," apparently took a toll on their marriage. While they welcomed daughter Alabama during filming, the former couple claimed the show "destroyed" their relationship and eventually led to their 2006 divorce.

Moakler explained in Barker's autobiography, "Can I Say?" (via Elite Daily), "I think he was afraid he was going to be looked on as a reality star. So when the cameras stopped rolling, he distanced himself from me." Yet, Barker saw things differently, writing, "The reality show changed Shanna's character. ... I felt she started doing things just for the cameras...which was carrying over to her not being genuine with me."

After Barker survived a tragic plane crash in 2008, the two gave things another shot. However, they eventually accused each other of cheating. Then, they went on to engage in a bitter custody battle over their kids, which came to a head in 2014 when police responded to their home after they allegedly threatened each other, according to Us Weekly. By 2016, Barker said things were getting better, telling People, "Our relationship was so long ago. ... Doing the best co-parenting is the most important thing." However, since Kourtney Kardashian came into Barker's life, that may no longer be the case.

Shanna Moakler shaded her ex's relationship

Shanna Moakler may have ended her relationship with Travis Barker all the way back in the '00s, but she doesn't seem totally happy that he moved on to reality star Kourtney Kardashian. And she has not held back. The former Playboy model believes that Barker has recreated their own over-the-top romance with Kardashian, telling Us Weekly in May 2021, "I'm not recycling from my past relationship." She gave an example: "What was weird is that they were posting about ['True Romance' which is] a movie that Travis and I basically bonded over." She added, "We named our daughter after the character Alabama in the movie. I walked down the aisle to 'You're So Cool.'"

Moakler also expressed how she found an aerial birthday banner Barker had flown over Kardashian "kind of weird," since she said he did the same for her and "it was documented in our TV show." Even Barker replacing old tattoos seemed to annoy Moakler, who pointed out, "I think it's in poor taste to have your new girlfriend sit there while you put a skull and crossbones over my name."

Not surprisingly, Moakler didn't quite congratulate the couple when news of their engagement broke. Instead, she posted on her Instagram story (via People), "Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance." Yet despite all the shade, Moakler told People, "I want the father of my kids to be happy and to have a partner that makes him happy ... and a better father."

Becoming a mom changed Shanna Moakler's outlook

Shanna Moakler is mom to daughter Atiana De La Hoya, whose dad is boxer Oscar De La Hoya, as well as Landon and Alabama Barker, who she shares with ex Travis Barker. While her relationships with her two youngest kids have hit choppy waters (more on that in a bit), Moakler has been open about how much being a mom means to her. In 2010, she told Celebrity Baby Scoop (via PopSugar), "Motherhood changed me in so many ways. I look at the world different. I was a young mother, and a single mother quickly." She shared that becoming a mom has pushed her "to be a better person," adding, "I really try to make time to sit with each one daily, talk to them, see how they are feeling...I want my children to know they are loved."

In May 2021, Moakler suggested that she was still active in her kids' lives by telling People, "My relationships with each one are so different." She elaborated, "Atiana's very humble and more quiet... Landon's just my crazy young guy ... and Bama's just this wild, crazy extrovert." Moakler also expressed that despite tension with their dad, "My children deserve to have a relationship with their mother ... and their father."

Things with her kids are complicated

As of 2021, Shanna Moakler doesn't seem to be on the easiest of terms with her two youngest children. According to Us Weekly, Travis Barker claimed during their 2014 custody battle that Moakler "does not put their interests first." Fast forward to 2021 when Landon Barker said on TikTok (via Life & Style), "our mom has never been in our lives." His sister Alabama Barker backed this up in an Instagram Story, writing, "Can you guys stop painting her out to be an amazing mom?" Moakler refuted these remarks. "I'm not really sure why my kids put that out there," she said in Us Weekly, calling the comments "heartbreaking." She later told Page Six that she was giving them "some we can heal and come back together again."

What's more, Moakler told TMZ that her ex's relationship with Kourtney Kardashian has "alienated" her from her kids. That said, the former pageant queen told Page Six she does "wish them really truly nothing but the best," adding, "I just don't want them interfering with my children and I's relationships."

Throughout 2021, Moakler, Landon, and Alabama's drama played out on social media. Per Life & Style, the Barker siblings unfollowed and re-followed their mom on Instagram, but as OK! noted, Moakler and Alabama shared a post in October of that year that suggested all was well. However, as BuzzFeed pointed out, after news of the Kravis engagement broke, Moakler wiped photos of her kids from her IG account.

She took Oscar De La Hoya to court

Shanna Moakler doesn't just have a contentious relationship with Travis Barker. She also didn't get along with former fiancé Oscar De La Hoya following their split. The pair started happy, with Moakler telling Access Hollywood in 1999 that she thought it was love at first sight when they met two years prior. De La Hoya even gushed how when it came to her and their daughter, Atiana, he "just gives them all the love in the world." Yet that next year Moakler called off their engagement due to alleged infidelity. She told ESPN, "I'm sitting in bed, watching the Latin Grammy awards...Then, I see him there with another woman. I was devastated." 

Moakler also claimed that "the way he handled the situation with me and our kid was in poor taste and really kind of mean." That may be why in 2000, Moakler sued De La Hoya for $62.5 million claiming through her lawyer (via NY Post) that she gave up her own career because he "counted on the love and support of Shanna Moakler to prop up the wholesome 'Golden Boy' image that has enabled him to become one of the wealthiest athletes of all time." The lawsuit was eventually settled.

It appears they found their way to good terms, presumably for their daughter's sake. After they were spotted dining together in April 2021, Moakler told ET, "He and I are super close. We're really good friends, and I just think he's great."

The dating history of Shana Moakler

Shanna Moakler's relationships with Travis Barker and Oscar De La Hoya may have made headlines, but the former Miss USA also dated a slew of other celebrities. One of those was "Parent Trap" actor Dennis Quaid, whom she was with for a few months in 2001. Moakler even told ESPN that Quaid was better than De La Hoya in bed "by a landslide!," adding, "And he's got a better body." Moakler wasn't as kind to rocker Billy Idol, whom she was linked to in 1997, revealing that he's "horrible in bed." That said, she did point out,"He's a gentleman... and he is very intelligent."

Moakler also dished to ESPN, "I dated Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block, I dated a "Baywatch" boy named David Charvet." However, Moakler believes people in the entertainment industry are "cheesy" when it comes to being romantically involved. She dished that dating athletes was even worse, saying, "there's definitely a spoiled-kid attitude going on there."

Beginning in 2020, the "Seeing Other People" actor was linked to a much younger model named Matthew Rondeau. Things didn't look good for them when Moakler's daughter Alabama Barker wrote on Instagram in May 2021 (via Life & Style), "Matthew is nothing but awful to her... he cheats on her." But Rondeau denied it, telling Life & Style, "Our love is real." However, in  "I broke up with Shanna... and I'm happier than I have ever been." That October, Rondeau told Page Six they were back on.

Shanna Moakler was Miss USA and in Playboy

Shanna Moakler got her start in show business by doing beauty pageants and even went on to become Miss USA in 1995. She holds that time in high regard, telling Wendy Williams (via CBS News), "I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for pageants." Moakler has continued to support the organization over the years. She dished to TMZ in 2006, "It is actually a real job," adding, "You're traveling 85% of the year, working with different charities."

Yet Moakler was involved in some drama with the program when she served as co-executive director in 2009. Because of how the organization's former owner Donald Trump handled ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean's nude photo scandal, Moakler resigned. She said in a statement (via ABC News), "I cannot with a clear conscience move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization." She ended up resuming her post just months later.

Moakler is no stranger to taking photographs in the buff, having done Playboy in 2001. "As for posing nude, well, I'll admit that it's a little scary at first, but when I realized that Playboy has worked with the most beautiful women in the world, it also felt like an incredible honor," she said in her bio for the publication. Moakler moved to another risqué platform, Only Fans, in 2021. She explained to Page Six, "I'm very comfortable with nudity. I always have been being a former Playmate."

The many screen credits of Shanna Moakler

Shanna Moakler may not be known as one of the greatest actors of our time but she has steadily appeared on screen throughout her career. According to her IMDb, the Rhode Island native's first role was in 1996 when she appeared on "Due South." She later went on to star in the TV series, "Pacific Blue" from 1998 through 2000. Yet fans may remember her most from the movie "Wedding Singer." "It took me like 20 takes to say my one line," she recalled to ET. "It was really embarrassing but it actually taught me a lot."

Moakler found more success with reality TV, thanks to shows like "Hollywood Exes" and, of course, her show with her ex Travis Barker, "Meet the Barkers." Looking back on it on an episode of "Kocktails with Khloe," Barker noted that the 2005 series was far from scripted. "It was like what was really going down," he said. "There were just cameras documenting it."

While the show ended up hurting Barker and Moakler's relationship, it did help Moakler's career, landing her a spot on Season 3 of "Dancing With the Stars." Eventually Moakler tried her hand at working behind the camera, serving as executive producer on the 2006 TV series "Prescriptions." She later became a co-producer on the 2016 series "Back Stabber," for which she boasted (via Newswire), "I could only imagine how big this show could be with some help from industry veterans like me."

Shanna Moakler has feuded with other celebs

You could say that Shanna Moakler has never been too far from a good celebrity scandal. One of Moakler's most infamous incidents was when she allegedly punched Paris Hilton in 2006 because she was getting cozy with Moakler's ex Travis Barker. Hilton's rep told People, "The lady came out of nowhere shouting obscenities and struck her on the side of her face by her jaw." But Moakler's rep claimed that Hilton's ex Stavros Niarchos had pushed Moakler, hurt her wrist, and poured a drink on her head. Both women filed police reports.

Barker dished in his book "Can I Say" (via RadarOnline) that Moakler also once confronted actor Lindsay Lohan at a nightclub when she found out he and Lohan had kissed. Moakler took her beef with Hilton and Lohan a step further in 2007, by posting their private contact information on her MySpace, according to TMZ.

In 2021, Moakler publicly came for the Kardashians by alleging that Kim Kardashian broke up her marriage to Barker. She told Us Weekly, "I divorced my ex because, I saw them — I caught them having an affair." While the Skims founder called that a "false narrative" on her Instagram (via Page Six), Moakler told TMZ that she blamed Kim and her sister Kourtney Kardashian for "destroying my family... twice." Whether Moakler's claims have any merit, it's clear she's not afraid to bring the drama.

She loves animals

Shanna Moakler may give off a tough exterior, but she has quite the soft spot for animals. The model worked with the animal rights group PETA, posing for the "I rather go naked than wear fur" campaign with other former Miss USAs. She revealed her love of animals is the reason she's vegetarian, explaining in a statement for PETA (via Celebitchy) that she wants her children "to understand that when they say 'No!' to meat, they're saying 'No!' to animal cruelty." She added, "We talk about our pets, and I say, 'You wouldn't eat Biscuit, would you? Well, then let's not eat any animal."

Moakler even spoke out about the mistreatment of circus animals. She revealed (via PETA), "We can draw attention to this issue, make changes, and ensure that animals big and small are properly cared for." She continued, "No amount of entertainment is worth allowing the torture of other living beings."

The "CSI" actor is also crazy about her pets, telling Animal Fair, "I'm a cat person, 100%." In July 2021, she posted a photo of her new kitten on Instagram writing, "Look who I got today!!!...I'm so thankful and blessed!" Before that, Moakler posted a tribute to another "fur baby" she lost that June, captioning a video, "She was an amazing friend." And it's not just cats that Moakler cares for. In May 2020, she also honored her late French Bulldog, posting, "He was with me through all the good and bad times and I couldn't have asked the universe for a better friend."

Shanna Moakler is very candid about plastic surgery

Unlike a lot of other celebrities, Shanna Moakler has been very open with the fact that she's gotten plastic surgery, despite the stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures. In 2016, Moakler revealed to Inside Edition, "I have always been concerned about my thighs and my booty," so she had liposuction, cellulite removal, and butt enhancement surgery. That next year, she told the outlet she got RF laser treatment done, bragging that afterwards, "my folds, my face, my forehead is just completely different."

Moakler wasn't done there and in 2018 decided to take her Instagram followers along with her on her "Mommy Makeover," where she underwent liposuction and a tummy tuck. She explained on Instagram, "I have had three c-sections which they cut your stomach muscles to do! So I will be having my muscles and scar revised!" Moakler showed off her body three weeks and then five weeks post-op, telling fans that she was "starting to see a difference." She later shared in a 2020 post that getting to "fix my muscles...was probably the best thing I ever did in my life!!"

Moakler, who once hosted E!'s plastic surgery based reality TV show "Bridalplasty," doesn't seem to regret having work done. She told Inside Edition, "I think it's really important that women understand that they don't have to be ashamed to make changes to their body." In 2021, she dished in an Instagram Story (via Life & Style) that for her next procedure, she was interested in having a breast lift or fat transfer.

Shanna Moakler was a competitive roller skater

Shanna Moakler may not keep her disdain for the Kardashians or her ex a secret, but there may be things about the former "Bridalplasty" host that do come as a surprise to fans. For one thing, she takes roller skating quite seriously. "I was a competitive roller skater for 12 years," she told ESPN. "Everything you see in ice skating, except on roller skates."

While Moakler eventually gave up roller skating, she has, as she said in Playboy in 2001 (via Vintage Playboy Magazines), lent her skating skills to the Special Olympics. "I would volunteer at the rink and teach these kids how to skate," she said. "I got to work with these amazing families who were told their children would never run or laugh." It appears that Moakler never lost interest in it, tweeting in 2016, "Today I meet my skate coach, going for my international gold medal in roller skating! it's been 20 years!!!!"

Despite no longer competing, Moakler still works hard to stay in shape. Not only did she once appear on the physically demanding "Dancing With the Stars," but she's also posted on her Instagram about doing yoga and "hitting the gym hard." Despite admitting to some plastic surgery, Moakler also credits "New workouts and conquer[ing] my fear of weights," as well as "just work[ing] out daily," for her fit body. Whether she's roller skating, acting, or throwing shade, fans can always count on Moakler to make things interesting.

How much is Shanna Moakler worth?

Shanna Moakler may sometimes make headlines for messy reasons, but she definitely has made it worth her while. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the former Playboy model is worth $15 million. Not bad at all.

Moakler's millions also affected her relationship with her ex-husband. She told People, "We had a lot of money and fame and power, and we didn't know how to navigate through life well together." Their split did help make Moakler richer though. Not only TMZ report that she sold their marital home for $2.6 million in 2015, but in July 2021 an unnamed source told Us Weekly that Moakler was planning to "auction off sentimental things that Travis has gotten her when they were together," like her engagement/wedding rings and an Andy Warhol painting.

The Rhode Island native lives large in Hollywood, and so do her kids. As she dished to CelebrityBabyScoop in 2010 (via PopSugar), "I want to give them the opportunities I didn't have." That said, Moakler told ET that it's important to both her and Travis Barker that their children remain "grounded" and "humble." Dare we say, it sounds like they hope their kids appreciate all small things.