How Miranda Cosgrove Is Reuniting With One Of Her Most Famous Co-Stars

Not long after "iCarly" ended in 2012, fans hoped Miranda Cosgrove would get the gang back together. While the Nickelodeon star was in college, she expressed interest in doing an "iCarly" project with her former co-stars. "Because we're all doing our own thing I don't get to see Nathan [Kress] and Jerry [Trainor] as much, so I think it'd be really fun to get to all be together again," she told J-14 in 2015.

Years later, Cosgrove had fans in a frenzy when she posted a reunion photo on Instagram alongside Kress (who played Freddie Benson) and Trainor (who played Spencer Shay). That snap came on the heels of the announcement that "iCarly" was being rebooted. Initially, the "Despicable Me" actor had misgivings about reprising her most famous role, until she spoke to a co-star. "And then, I called Jerry [Trainor] and I remember getting off the phone with him and it was one of the first times I felt like really good about it," Cosgrove told Collider on April 7.

One person that was noticeably absent from the revival was Jennette McCurdy, who played Carly's best friend Sam Puckett in the original series. Although Cosgrove was unsure if McCurdy cared about the new show, the actor said "the door's always open," should she decide to return, per ET. Cosgrove did however manage to reunite with another famous co-star from a previous series.

A Drake and Josh reunion

Fans of "iCarly" and "Drake & Josh" were happy to see Miranda Cosgrove reunited with Josh Peck, as he was cast as Carly's manager, Paul, in the reboot, per Entertainment Weekly. Peck made his debut on an episode titled "iBuild A Team" where Carly trapped Paul and Freddie (Nathan Kress) in an escape room.

The cameo has significance as Cosgrove made her debut on "Drake & Josh" before landing the lead in her own series. Plus, the pair had developed a close friendship over the years. "He's just the best," Cosgrove said about Peck when speaking to Insider on April 8. "He's one of the nicest people I know and he texted me and said he'd be up for doing some episodes of 'iCarly' and I was so excited." A bond formed between the Nickelodeon alums, as Cosgrove originally looked up to Peck. "He's just such a staple in my life. I've known him ever since I was little," she told Collider on April 7. The "iCarly" star said she even formed a close relationship with Peck's wife and mentioned how he brought his kids to set.

Once the reboot was announced, Cosgrove and Peck worked behind the scenes to find him a role. Returning to the series had a nostalgic impact on Peck. "Being on the 'iCarly' set after all these years feels very full circle and I love getting to work with Miranda, Nathan [Kress] and Jerry [Trainor] again," he told People in December 2021.