Kate Beckinsale's New Suitor Has His Own Bizarre Claim To Fame

Kate Beckinsale's love life in 2022 thus far has largely consisted of rumors surrounding her and Jason Momoa. It started when the newly single "Aquaman" star was spotted looking cozy with the Brit at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty in March, per E! News. With Beckinsale photographed wearing Momoa's jacket and chatting it up, talk of a brewing romance sprouted up everywhere as they were seen again at Jay-Z's Gold party, per Lainey Gossip. The rumors are certainly not unfathomable — he's single, she's single, he's gorgeous, she's gorgeous ... why not, right?

Well, as Momoa confirmed to Extra days later, he and Beckinsale's love story had been greatly exaggerated. "Everyone is like, 'Are you dating?' No, no, it was chivalry, the woman was cold," Momoa explained to the outlet, elaborating that their party banter was about him filming "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" in Beckinsale's homeland of England. Joking that "I am not giving my coat to anyone" anymore, Momoa made it clear he wasn't the man for Beckinsale.

The "Underworld" star need not despair, however. A suitor with a most unusual backstory recently propositioned the actor in the U.K. press.

Kate Beckinsale's admirer has a fascinating medical history

Kate Beckinsale's sharp wit might have just attracted an unexpected admirer. The "Pearl Harbor" star shared a hilarious Instagram upload on May 4, posting a news story with the headline, "My penis fell off but it regrew on my arm — now I'm a real man again."  Malcolm MacDonald, the man at the center of the piece, has since surgically regained his member in its proper spot, according to The U.K. Sun. "Of course he is from the UK," Beckinsale quipped in her post's caption. "Of course he has done a photo shoot down the rec with a willy hanging out of his sleeve ... God bless you , Malcolm xxx."

The tone of Beckinsale's post might have come off too affectionate. As MacDonald told The Sun the next day, he was delighted she "read my story" and would be delighted to "take her out for saveloy and chips" or "a pint down at my local boozer." The 47-year-old also stated, "She seems like a nice girl... The kisses are a nice touch too. I'm ready for dating again, so why not her?" 

MacDonald lost his penis in 2010 as a result of a blood infection, per The Sun — though doctors grafted a temporary penis on his arm for years after. Ladies, including Beckinsale, better take note — MacDonald seems more than ready to celebrate the end to his years of celibacy. Maybe he'd enjoy kissing Beckinsale more than Colin Farrell did!