Sinead O'Connor Shares Disturbing Childhood Memories

The Irish singer held nothing back in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw.

In an episode of Dr. Phil that aired on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017, Sinéad O'Connor compared her childhood home to a "torture chamber" run by her mother. "She was a person who took delight, would smile in hurting you," O'Connor said.

"My earliest memory, she's telling me I shouldn't have been born. She didn't want me," O'Connor, 50, told McGraw. "She didn't want girls. She wanted me to be a boy. She [dressed] me like a boy, she chops my hair off."

O'Connor also claimed that her mother beat her daily, forcing her to lie on the floor naked and hitting and kicking her on her abdomen. "She wants to burst my womb. She wants to destroy my reproductive system," O'Connor recounted. "She wants to stop me from being a female."

She also recalled a time when her mother beat her after finding a button missing on O'Connor's dress. "She beat the s*** out of me, took the light bulb out of the room, locked me in there and left [with everyone] for the weekend," O'Connor stated. The "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer also said that, after her parents had separated, her mother had once made her live in a shed in the backyard that O'Connor's father had built, angry with her for expressing sadness at his absence.

"She was not well. She was really very, very, very not well," O'Connor said of her mother, who, she says, sexually abused her. "I would say she was possessed, although, I'm not sure I believe in such things. So either she was just a sadist and a pedophile or she was possessed by the devil."

As Nicki Swift previously reported, O'Connor's been having a rough time the past few months. In early August 2017, she shared an emotional video on Facebook, explaining that she'd been suicidal and was suffering from three mental illnesses. She later told fans that she was "back on depression meds and also meds for PTSD." At the time, she also expressed how "blown away" she was by McGraw's kindness, as he'd reportedly offered to fly to New Jersey, where she'd been staying, to help her.

This isn't the first time that O'Connor's opened up about her childhood. For more info on the singer, read up on her troubling past.