What's The Real Meaning Of Love Me More By Sam Smith? Here's What We Think

Sam Smith is back with a new single. The star, who uses they/them pronouns, has been teasing the track over on Instagram on multiple occasions, even reinventing themself by deleting their past posts to make way for some stunning shots and videos to promote the song. They first revealed their foray back into the music scene (their last album single was "Kids Again" back in 2020) with a gorgeous black and white shot of themselves posted on April 20 alongside the caption, "Love Me More 28th April. 11pm BST/ 3pm PDT Link in bio." Smith then gave their followers a peak at the track with a short black and white video one day later, before sharing a behind the scenes look at the music video a few days later.

On April 28, Smith could barely contain their excitement any longer with yet another post about the song. That time, they shared a longer video discussing the track which showed him recording it in the studio as well as opening up about what inspired him to pen the song. "I truly can't wait for my new song to be yours, not long now... Love you all," they wrote in the caption. But what exactly is "Love Me More" really about?

What Sam Smith said about Love Me More

Sam Smith has been pretty open about the inspiration behind "Love Me More," explaining that the mid-tempo track has quite the personal meaning. "I wrote this song for anyone who feels different, anyone who has to stop themselves every day from saying unkind things to themselves, in their head, all the time. I felt like that for the longest time and slowly I'm learning how to just be nice to myself," Smith explained of the hit, per Billboard. "I wanted to share that because I captured it in this song. Over the last two years, music has been my therapy more than ever. So I hope this song can be your friend."

In an Instagram video showing Smith discussing the track, they explained that the song is about "trying" not to let words hurt them anymore, admitting that they "liked" that it wasn't about saying they were "over it," but about working through it all. "You're saying 'I'm trying' and that's... powerful," they admitted. In another video shared to Instagram showing a glimpse at the music video, the "Diamonds" singer told their followers, "It's taken a lifetime to be able to express this type of joy and honesty in my music and I am so happy to have you all here with me."

Love Me More's lyrics

The lyrics to Sam Smith's "Love Me More" are pretty telling. The touching song is clearly all about self-love and learning to accept yourself the way you are, featuring lyrics such as, "Have you ever felt like being somebody else?/Feeling like that mirror isn't good for your health?/Every day, I'm trying not to hate myself/But lately, it's not hurtin' like it did before/Maybe I am learning how to love me more" (via Genius). The lyrics also touch on how Smith had to learn to love himself for who they are, as they sing, "Self-worth I had to earn" while sharing how every negative word said about them used to "burn."

The true meaning of the song is also touched on in the music video. The visual accompaniment to the song shows Smith being unapologetically themself, including dressing the way they want and putting on makeup, while it starts with home footage of him as a child. It also features a scene that shows someone wiping away words they seemingly used to worry about, such as "health" and "love," before Smith can be seen in what appears to be an LGBTQ+ club. There, they dance alongside others who are having a great time being who they truly are, all without judgement, as well as getting pretty intimate with a man. Looks like Smith has another hit on their hands!