The Gosselin Sextuplets Just Reached A Huge Milestone

"Jon & Kate Plus Eight" premiered in 2007, giving viewers a glimpse into the life of a couple raising not just a set of twins, but a set of sextuplets, too. Since making their television debut, much has changed for the Gosselin family — and now, a major milestone is sure to usher in even more changes.

As a refresher, Season 5 of the show saw Jon and Kate Gosselin separate. What ensued was the poster child for acrimonious splits. Both have famously accused one another of abuse in various forms. In 2020, Kate referred to her ex-husband as "a violent and abusive person" to People. Jon, meanwhile, told "Good Morning America" in 2009 that he "took a lot of abuse from her," and has long complained that he didn't want his kids on TV anymore. Over the years, the Gosselins' messy split has seen police called in to solve their custody fights, fractured relationships between Jon and the kids, and Kate losing custody of Collin and Hannah Gosselin to her ex-husband.  

In light of their disdain for each other, it's unsurprising that they've largely come to be defined by their years-long custody battle. However, there's now a chance things might change!

The sextuplets just turned 18

May 10 marked a particularly important date for Jon and Kate Gosselin: their sextuplets' 18th birthday.

Speaking with ET alongside daughter Hannah — who famously elected to live with her father instead of Kate — Jon was elated about the milestone. "I'm free, free!" he said. However, he quickly clarified that it meant he was free "in the aspect of, I have adult children now." It's not the first time the Gosselin patriarch has spoken of looking forward to his brood's adulthood, especially if it meant being able to move forward in his own life. In 2019, he spoke to Dr. Oz about having "exhausted all opportunities to co-parent" with his ex-wife, and that it would be just "two more years [before] we're going to have all adults."

At the time of writing, Kate has yet to publicly speak on her sextuplet's 18th birthday. However, Hannah told ET that she had received a text from her mother. Our take? We're sure Kate is just as relieved to have the messy custody issues behind her. With that in mind, it's finally time to focus on the most important takeaway: The Gosselin sextuplets are 18. Wishing everything of the best to Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden, and Collin Gosselin!