Jessica Biel Reveals How She Keeps Her Marriage To Justin Timberlake Dynamic

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake continue to prove that they're still going strong.

The relationship these two have is quite rare in Hollywood. They have been married for nearly ten years, and together for longer. Biel and Timberlake's marriage stays so strong, according to their confidants, because they are first and foremost the best of friends. "Jessica and Justin are true best friends and that's why they work so well," an insider told Us Weekly. "They love spending time together. They don't have to be doing much, but they are still laughing and having a good time." Even now that they have kids, the source shared that "they still make their relationship with each other a major priority and have fun with each other."

And how do they make their relationship fun, you ask? It doesn't take much, really. In her latest interview with Entertainment Tonight, Biel shared that the secret to a lasting marriage is going on dates, no matter how busy they are.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake make it a point to go on dates

Just because they've been married for a long time doesn't mean Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have given up on keeping their relationship interesting. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Biel said that she would always go on dates with her husband, and apparently, it was Timberlake's idea to make it a regular thing.

"It's a really good question, right? Well, I'll have to give Justin the credit in this moment, for this one thing that he always says to me: 'We might be married, but we have to keep dating,' and it's so true," the "Candy" actor shared. "You just have to keep making time for each other and you have to keep making each other a priority. And do the things that you love together." She also admitted that there are times when things are rough, but their dates make it all worthwhile. "It's not always easy, as we all know, but those touchpoint moments make all the hard times palatable."

Meanwhile, Timberlake also gushed about his wife, telling the outlet in 2018 that Biel changed him "in so many ways." He said that she is the one, and he's in for the long haul. "It's like once you find that person, it's like a baptism, where you're like, 'I can't go back,' you know what I mean?" he explained. "Like, I don't, I can't go back, so, which is what fatherhood's like too."