Andy Cohen Completely Lashes Out At The Cast Of RHONJ

Has Teresa "Table-flipping" Giudice finally rubbed off on Housewife wrangler Andy Cohen?

Much like the rollercoaster that was all of Season 12, the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion, thus far, has not disappointed... not even in the slightest. Still, Joe Gorga pulling a dramatic stage left move and storming off the reunion set in true Housewives fashion, Dolores Catania revealing that her ex-husband Frank Catania was cohabitating with her ex-boyfriend David Principe, and Teresa accusing Melissa Gorga of not being a "cool sister-in-law"  because she didn't wait to have her wedding until after Teresa gave birth, proved to only be the tip of the drama-filled iceberg. The real fireworks started at the very end of part two of the reunion when Cohen had enough of the back and forth banter and lost his cool on the New Jersey ladies. But what exactly set him off and what did he have to say to the ladies? The answer just might surprise you... 

Andy Cohen tells the cast of RHONJ to shut up

As you may recall, Margaret Josephs came out of the gate swinging during the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" Season 12 premiere when she announced on camera that Bill Aydin had cheated on Jennifer Aydin in the past. "I mean, I knew it to be true," Josephs later told Page Six about the bomb she dropped. "I've known for a long time. You've seen me in previous seasons; I hit a nerve, like, I've known this. I never wanted to say it," she continued. And yet, she did...

Fast forward many months later when host Andy Cohen broached the subject during part two of the Season 12 reunion... and all you-know-what broke loose. Almost instantly Margaret and Jennifer started trading insults and placing blame in the other's court, while the rest of the gang quickly started chiming in and yelling over top of one another. Finally, Cohen reached his limit. Per Daily Mail, Cohen stood up and bellowed out "You are all talking so shut up!" At once the ladies stopped squawking and looked around at each other in equal parts shock and horror. Ah, sweet silence at last. It should be noted, however, that Cohen did not have to flip a table or throw glassware across at anyone to get his point across. Giudice, take notes. 

Be sure and tune in next week for part three as we're sure the drama will continue to unfold.