Shanna Moakler Shares Brutal Message After Messy Breakup With Ex

Shanna Moakler's relationship with Matthew Rondeau has been riddled with ups and downs. The couple — who began dating in 2020 — was involved in an explosive fight following Moakler's stint on "Celebrity Big Brother," seemingly marking the end of their union. As a result of the incident, Rondeau was arrested and charged with domestic violence, and Moakler was issued an emergency protective order. After his release, Matthew posted a lengthy message on his Instagram Story, describing the ordeal as "one of the most heartbreaking days of my life" (via Us Weekly).

The relationship was further complicated when Moakler announced she was expecting her fourth child. And while the former Miss USA contestant failed to explicitly state that Rondeau was the child's father, the couple was spotted in Rhode Island a few weeks after Moakler revealed the baby news.

However, the former "Bridalplasty" host has since posted a shady message online, seemingly addressing her split with her ex-boyfriend.

Shanna Moakler is seemingly done with Matthew Rondeau

Shanna Moakler is setting the record straight about the status of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Matthew Rondeau, and her approach is brutal. The reality television star took to Instagram Story on May 11, and posted a message seemingly directed at Rondeau. "Communal d**k is not worth an emotional reaction," the message read (via Page Six). "Stop stressing over a guy who can't be yours because he wants to be with everyone." The message seems to hint that Moakler's ex may have been unfaithful. She also shared another IG Story on May 12 that read, "Narcissists are exhausting because you're constantly being manipulated to question yourself when you've done nothing wrong."

Moakler's cryptic posts makes sense, as an Us Weekly source confirmed that the pair has been officially separated for some time, despite their Rhode Island reunion in March. According to the insider, Moakler "solely went to see her family," but had a chance meeting with her ex, per Us Weekly. The source also revealed to the outlet that their reunion is "worrying for Shanna's friends and family, who are very concerned."

For Rondeau's part, he may have also taken a shot at his former lover on social media. Hours after Moakler's post "communal d**k" post, Rondeau shared a screenshot of a tweet on his Instagram Story that read, "Never wanted perfect, just real." Rondeau even captioned the post, "'So hard to come by now a days.' Shoutout to ALL my real ones."