Everything We Know About Andy Dick's Latest Arrest

While comedian and actor Andy Dick is known for his controversial behavior, it's easy to forget he has an extensive acting history. Dick has over 170 acting credits under his belt after making a name for himself by starring in "The Ben Stiller Show" in 1992. In the following years, he had a number of guest roles across TV, as well as starring roles in the sitcoms "NewsRadio" and "Less Than Perfect." He even produced his own self-titled show on MTV that ran for three seasons and has had cameo roles in several movies.

But aside from his career as a comedic actor, Dick is arguably more well-known for his long history of disturbing behavior, almost all occurring while intoxicated. In fact, his list of offenses may even be longer than his list of acting credits. For example, from 2007 to 2011, Dick was literally dragged off "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" for repeatedly touching guest Ivanka Trump, arrested for theft and sexual battery, arrested again for first-degree sexual assault, and sued for another instance of sexual assault, per Vox. Now, Dick has added yet another arrest charge to his rough legal history.

Andy Dick was arrested for felony sexual battery

Andy Dick was arrested on May 11 for felony sexual battery, Page Six reported. Interestingly enough, Dick's arrest was captured by YouTuber Captain Content's RV in a livestream. Although police have not released the name of the victim, a clip from the livestream reveals a man, who goes by the name of JJ, claiming Dick sexually assaulted him in his sleep. He said, "[I was] in the other RV with Andy, and ... the last thing I remember, we were on the phone with his fiancee ... I smelled parts of myself and they smell like artificial smells." According to Sgt. Scott Steinle, who spoke to Page Six, Dick was arrested based on "information that was given to them" from the alleged victim. The charges against Dick are still pending review, and he is due in court on May 13.

While the initial report did not indicate whether or not Dick was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the alleged altercation, Dick has a history of acting out while intoxicated. In an in-depth profile for Vice, Dick described his drinking problem and said, "I would lose my barometer of what was appropriate when I would drink. I wasn't just over the edge, I was dive-bombing into the cesspool of what's not OK." Back in 2016 when the profile was written, the actor claimed he had been sober for two years, but since then, Dick has been arrested for many more offenses.