How Blac Chyna Is Literally Washing Herself Of Kardashian Drama

It looks like Blac Chyna is trying to move on following her legal battle with the Kardashians. After suing various family members for a whopping $100 million for allegedly being involved in the cancellation of her reality show, "Rob & Chyna," things certainly got pretty messy and the allegations about Chyna's violent behavior got serious. However, when the judge made his final decision, it was the Kardashians who came out on top and Chyna who lost. Granted, Chyna wasn't willing to let things go that easily and ended up going after the judge.

In response to the lawsuit's outcome, she filed a peremptory challenge claiming that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory W. Alarcon "exhibited an 'undeniably hostile and extremely biased' attitude towards her and [her attorney] Ms. [Lynne] Ciani," according to legal documents obtained by People. While that might make you think that Chyna was left upset following the lawsuit, she instead told TMZ, "Court's been fun ... I feel good, actually."

Chyna may be feeling good, but she also apparently felt the need to wash herself of all of the Kardashian drama in a totally unexpected way.

Blac Chyna celebrates 'new beginnings'

There are plenty of ways that Blac Chyna could have marked the end of her legal battle with the Kardashian family. She could have moved on from her legal loss with a long trip and spent time unwinding in the sun, or she could have opted for a new haircut like one might do after a breakup. Instead, Chyna decided to do something for her spiritual side.

"Born again on my Birthday ... #newbeginnings," she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on May 11, adding an emoji of praying hands. In the video that she shared, a group of people can be seen outside standing by a swimming pool on a sunny day. A pastor hovers over the water while Chyna is in the pool along with another person who dips her down as she's baptized.

"Congratulations ... my only thing is, is it official if it's done at home in ya pool?" one social media user asked, with others weighing in on the appropriateness of a pool baptism. At the same time, another follower was curious about a different aspect of Chyna's choice, writing, "I wonder if she would have Got baptize[d] if she would have won that million dollar lawsuit against the Kardashian[s]. Just a thought."