Spencer Pratt Doesn't Hold Back His Disdain For The Kardashians

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity in the 2000s as stars of "The Hills," but their fame was soon eclipsed by Kim Kardashian and her family. Speaking about the SKIMS founder, Pratt was flabbergasted at how she leap-frogged him and his wife in relevancy. "She used to call Heidi to organize Heidi's closet," he told Complex in 2015. "Kim was edited out of 'Hills' episodes organizing Heidi's closet." In fact, the "Princes of Malibu" star alleged that Kris Jenner consulted him about possibly managing her daughter. "She can deny it if she wants, but she comes up to me and is like, 'Spencer, I want you to manage Kim,'" Pratt claimed.

Over time, their relationship became contemptuous, but Pratt never forgot how the future beauty mogul treated him. In 2016, he retweeted an old Kardashian tweet from 2009 where she asked him to double-date with her and then-boyfriend Reggie Bush. He still relished the time "Speidi" was more successful than the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star. "We were more famous and [making] more money than Kim Kardashian," Pratt told Money.com in 2018 when discussing his early TV prominence.

Montag has echoed her husband's sentiments about their perceived TV rivals. "The Kardashians were behind us, and they took a lot of our antics," she said on "Radcast with Ryan Alford" in January (via ScreenRant). The couple — especially Pratt — have rarely censored themselves when discussing the Kardashians, and such was the case during his most recent interview, too.

Why Spencer Pratt believes he should be more famous

Although Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have enjoyed a notable level of success in Hollywood, "The Hills: New Beginnings" star believes he and his wife should be household names instead of Kim Kardashian. "I'm supposed to be Kim Kardashian," Pratt told Esquire in May. He thought the entire Kardashian clan cribbed from his playbook. "Watch all the early episodes of 'Kardashians.' They copied everything Heidi and I did on 'The Hills,'" Pratt told the outlet. The Pratt Daddy owner thought "Speidi" did not have proper backers at their height of fame, and that limited their exposure. "The only difference between us and the Kardashians, I've learned, is you're only as famous as the media conglomerate bankrolling you," he said in the interview.

After the Kardashian clan achievied an astonishing level of wealth and fame, Pratt believed they only continued making TV shows as a form of marketing. "Why are the Kardashians still on TV? They're billionaires! It's because they know that being on camera is going to move product," he told Esquire. Pratt mentioned that he and Montag wanted to parlay television appearances to promote his line of healing crystals.

That was far from the first time Pratt alleged that the Kardashians profited from the reality show groundwork he and Montag laid out. In 2021, Pratt claimed to The Sun that the Kardashian family asked for their input on hiring photographers. "I know for a fact that they copied our paparazzi set-up deal with the same agency," Pratt said.