Mathis Family Matters Season 1 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Judge Greg Mathis rose to fame as one of the most prolific television judges in recent years. His show, "Judge Mathis," first aired in 1999, and is currently in its 23rd season. Mathis' triumphant journey as a TV judge is second only to that of Judge Judy Sheindlin – whose show, "Judge Judy," premiered in 1996. Judge Mathis previously talked about his secret to success and revealed that it is mostly due to his personal experiences.

"I think it's my relatability," Mathis said during an appearance on "The Real." He added, "Whether it's a street kid, I used to be that. Whether it's a single parent, I had a single parent. And if it's wild and crazy, I have that in my family like you all do."

After over 20 years as a prominent television arbitrator, Judge Mathis has added another reality television role to his resume. This time, it involves his entire family. The Detroit native, alongside his wife and four children, will star in the upcoming E! reality series, "Mathis Family Matters."

When will Mathis Family Matters air?

Although Judge Greg Mathis is no stranger to court television, his upcoming venture with E!'s "Mathis Family Matters" will be his first unscripted reality show gig. According to the network, the show offers a unique insight into the lives of Judge Mathis, his wife, Linda Mathis, their four adult children, and adorable grandkids.

Fans of the Emmy-winning TV personality will not have to wait long to check out the Mathis family's shenanigans, as the show has already been given a release date. Season 1 of the 30-minute reality program is scheduled for a two-episode premiere on June 19 at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Judge Mathis recently spoke about his decision to dabble in reality TV and revealed that it was his son, Amir Mathis, who convinced him to take on the new role. "Everybody in the industry has been coming to me over the years to try and pitch a new show with me in it," Mathis said on "The Real." He added, "So my son comes to me right, my youngest son, Amir. 'Dad if I get a show will you be in it?'" Mathis went on to explain that six months later, the show was green-lit, and his whole family was on board.

Who makes up the Mathis Family Matters cast?

In addition to the family matriarch, Linda Mathis, "Mathis Family Matters" will also feature all four of Judge Greg Mathis' grown children: Jade Mathis, Camara Mathis Webb, Greg Mathis, Jr., and Amir Mathis, per E! News.

Jade, the eldest child, is a public speaker, attorney, and mental health advocate. Similarly, Judge Mathis' second daughter, Camara, is also an attorney. Referred to as "Mother Mathis," Camara is married and has two daughters, Nora and Zora, who will also appear on the show. Judge Mathis' namesake, Greg Mathis Jr., is a real estate professional, while the youngest child, Amir, is credited as the mastermind behind the family's new show.

For fans of the famed arbitrator, his new reality show appears to be filled with laughs, family antics, and even more serious discussions. In the trailer for the show, Judge Mathis can be seen having a conversation with his son Greg Jr., in which he learns that his son often hides his sexuality. Meanwhile, Camara reveals that she is "drowning" as she attempts to tackle motherhood.

Judge Mathis just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Tackling a reality show seems fitting for Judge Greg Mathis, as he has been a prominent fixture on television for decades. In honor of his storied career, Judge Mathis was included in the Hollywood Walk of Fame's Class of 2022, alongside Regina King, Jason Mamoa, and countless others.

"One of the criteria alongside industry excellence in order to be honored with a star is philanthropy," said Ana Martinez, Hollywood Walk of Fame producer. "Judge Mathis has shown to be a leader in this sector in many ways and we are very proud to add his name to our coveted sidewalk." Those charitable efforts include opening the Mathis Community Center in Detroit, and the creation of a job readiness organization, Young Adults Asserting Themselves.

Judge Mathis was joined at the ceremony by his wife, Linda, and four children: Jade, Camara, Greg Jr., and Amir. "Folks, words cannot express what this moment means to me," Judge Mathis wrote alongside a picture from event on Instagram. "I am more than grateful to all of YOU who have supported me during this journey." Who knows? Maybe we'll even get to see the ceremony on "Mathis Family Matters."