Melania Trump Comments About Living In The White House Might Not Be What You'd Expect

Seeing as Melania Trump wasn't overly keen to leave her New York City penthouse and move into the White House in the first place (according to People), wasn't a fan of doing typical first lady White House things like decorating for Christmas (according to The Guardian), and has been rumored to have no desire ever to return even if her husband wins the presidency in 2024 (according to the New York Post), you'd be forgiven for thinking the former first lady is the house's No. 1 Hater.

This is why we were a little surprised, to be honest, by Melania's most recent comments about a potential return. If you follow politics even a little bit, you may be aware that her husband, former President Donald Trump, is considering running for president again in 2024, and many politicos think he has the best shot of winning the Republican Party's nomination for the next presidential election. This potentially leaves Melania tangled in the White House crossfire once more, though it may not necessarily be a bad thing for the former model.

Melania Trump says she enjoyed living at the White House

Former first lady Melania Trump went on "Fox & Friends" for a sit-down interview (a newsworthy moment in itself for the seemingly camera-shy ex-model), and addressed the possibility of a White House return head-on. Contrary to popular belief, she told host Pete Hegseth that she actually liked living there. "I like Washington, D.C. I know it operates completely different than any other city, but I really like it there and I enjoyed living in the White House," she said. She further added, "I enjoyed taking care of the White House. It was my home for a while. I understood it is the people's house. It was a privilege to live there." 

Interestingly enough, when Hegseth questioned a potential return for her in the future, Trump responded, "Never say never." This runs in direct contradiction with what people believed her stance on living in the White House was. In fact, in January 2021, a source close to Melania revealed that she was "not sad to be leaving" after husband and former President Donald Trump's ousting from office.

So sure, you may be saying to yourself, Melania never gave any indication to the public that she liked the White House. And sure, nowhere in any of those many tell-alls or leaked audio recordings did it seem that she took any pleasure in taking care of the historic building. But hey, we'll just take her at her word on this one.