Sean Paul Reveals What Really Happened Between Him And Beyonce

We don't know about you, but if we were ever in a relationship with The Beyonce Knowles — even if it was just a fling — we would probably never shut up about it for the rest of our lives. Yes, even if it made her husband Jay-Z mad. So, if the rumors that Sean Paul and Beyonce had something going on during their collaboration on the song "Baby Boy" back in the early 2000s are true, why hasn't he been talking about it?

Well, the good news is that we can finally set our minds at rest because Paul has cleared up the mystery once and for all. In a recent interview with the Daily Beast, Paul not only explains the truth of the rumored hook-up, but he also gets into detail about how the story got started and how it went over with Jay (hint: not awesome). It all began in the year 2003 when Beyonce and Jay-Z were still dating... 

Sean Paul says he and Beyonce never hooked up

Sean Paul told the Daily Beast that he never did hook up with Beyonce, though he wished he did because she's beautiful — which, same. At the time the rumors started, Beyonce was with Jay-Z and it was starting to cause some problems. "We had to have a speak about it," Paul said. He pins the moment the whispers got started to a performance in L.A., when he had some technical difficulties on stage. "Strange things started to happen at the performances, which was weird," he said. Apparently, his mic wasn't turned on when the two were performing "Baby Boy," which raised suspicions. 

Things got worse when he had more mysterious audio issues on stage during a performance in Scotland. "That's when we had the talk, because the rumors got really crazy," Paul said, explaining that after the second audio mishap, Beyonce confronted him about the rumors, saying that they were potentially damaging to her career. Paul says he told her, "So, listen: I met Jay before you, and we was friends, so me and him should talk. If he feels a way about that, then we should talk, because it's not coming from me." Paul then claimed that he was disinvited from her VMA performance, which effectively ended the relationship.

Even if it ended badly, in a 2020 interview with MTV News, Paul still named "Baby Boy" with Beyonce as one of his top three collaborations — after Rihanna and Busta Rhymes.