Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals What Her Relationship With Chris Noth Is Like Now

The following article contains discussion of alleged sexual assault.

The sexual assault allegations against Chris Noth continue to loom over the legacy of "Sex and the City" and spin-off "And Just Like That." One week after the latter premiered on HBO Max on December 9, The Hollywood Reporter reported that two different women accused Noth of assaulting them in the past, with a third stepping forward the next day, per E! News. Although Noth categorically denied the claims, he was dropped by his talent agency immediately, and the future of "And Just Like That" itself seemed a little bleak. A source told Us Weekly at the time that talk of another season had halted amongst people who worked on the show.

"And Just Like That" star and executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker, who reprised her "Sex and the City" character Carrie Bradshaw, was especially shaken, per Us Weekly. As a source told the outlet in late December 2021 that Parker "is fiercely protective of Carrie Bradshaw and livid that she and everyone else at the show has been put into this position." According to the insider, Parker saw Bradshaw as a symbol of women supporting women, and was stunned that "under her watch, women are saying that they have been hurt."

Although Parker and her co-stars Kristin David and Cynthia Nixon broke their silence on the Noth allegations in a Twitter statement, announcing that they support "the women who have come forward and shared their painful experiences," Parker recently addressed the scandal directly in a new interview. 

Sarah Jessica Parker isn't ready to talk about Chris Noth

The following contains major spoilers for Season 1 of "And Just Like That."

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed she hasn't spoken with her "And Just Like That" co-star Chris Noth since sexual assault allegations came out against him. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in May, Parker was asked for her reaction to the news, especially given her involvement as a series producer. Parker seemed at a loss for words, saying in response, "I don't even know if I'm ready to talk about it, but I don't think ... I wasn't reacting as a producer." She added before trailing off, "I should have worked on this because I'm just ... it's just ..." Parker also said that she hadn't spoken to him since the news broke.

Despite wide speculation otherwise, the New York Post confirmed that "And Just Like That" was returning for a Season 2. Given its high streaming numbers on HBO Max, that isn't exactly shocking, especially given Noth's character's fate in Season 1 — after all, Noth's Mr. Big died from a heart attack in the first episode of the series, per Variety. After allegations were levied against the actor after the series premiere, Variety reported that HBO decided to also cut Noth out of the Season 1 finale. And just like that, the "Sex and the City" spin-off will go on without Noth in Season 2.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).