G Flip Sets The Record Straight About How They Met Chrishell Stause

After speculation and romance rumors, Chrishell Stause confirmed during the Season 5 reunion of "Selling Sunset" that she was dating non-binary Australian singer G Flip. Stause recently surprised fans with a steamy cameo in the singer's "Get Me Outta Here" music video. The couple were then spotted at The Abbey, a club in West Hollywood, where they put their PDA on display, according to photos obtained by People. Stause has been open about her relationships, and understands that her fans may be confused about this particular one. In an Instagram video, the reality star explained her perspective.

"I know this is new for you guys and I understand that it's confusing," she explained. "I hope that you guys see that I'm the same person that you've been following this whole time. Like I said on the show, not a lot has changed."

Stause's romance with G Flip may have come as a surprise for "Selling Sunset" viewers, but it appears that the two have actually known each other longer than anyone realized.

How G Flip really met Chrishell Stause

G Flip is setting the record straight on how they met their now girlfriend, Chrishell Stause, and it's not what many fans may think. During the "Selling Sunset" Season 5 reunion, Stause insinuated that she met G Flip because she was going to be in their music video. However, the duo spent some time together well before the video was in the works. During an interview with Paper, G Flip explained how they actually met Stause.

"We actually didn't meet on the set of my music video, which has been written about quite a bit. I first met Chrishell last year in October," G Flip revealed. "We had been hanging out and naturally we would speak about our work lives and what we had coming up. Talking about the music video for a song I was gonna release in the future called 'GET ME OUTTA HERE,' Chrishell gave me ideas for the visuals and then actually came up with the creative for it, which very much highlights her talents."

When it comes to making a cameo on "Selling Sunset," G Flip told the outlet that they don't have any interest and simply want to "make music, play shows, and follow [their] musical dreams." Despite their career differences, things seem to be going well and getting serious between the two. Stause recently posted on Instagram that she was visiting G Flip's home country, Australia, and spending time getting to know where her partner is from.