Harry Styles Reveals Why One Song On Harry's House Was Harder To Write Than All The Others

Harry Styles is revealing more and more about the creation of his latest music collection. The talented singer-songwriter's new album, "Harry's House," will be released on May 20 and is the artist's solo third studio album, per Rolling Stone.

In a May interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Styles discussed the process of making "Harry's House," Variety reported. He described the songs included in the collection as "more electronic in a lot of places than anything [he's] made," "so much more intimate to [him]" and "so much more intimately made."  The 13 tracks that make up "Harry's House" seem likely to resonate with fans, since the album's single "As It Was" took its sixth week topping the Billboard Global 200 chart and the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. chart on May 16, per Billboard.

While promoting his 2019 album "Fine Line," Styles opened up to ET Canada about the writing process that has contributed to his success. "I've always found writing to be very therapeutic, and when I sit down to write a song, I don't usually think about it coming out, which I think helps to be open when you're writing it," Styles said. During a new TV interview, the prolific singer-songwriter explained there was one track on "Harry's House" that was a bit more demanding for him to pen than the rest.

Harry Styles' Boyfriends took multiple attempts to get right

Harry Styles' 2022 music collection, "Harry's House," is an album that fans are now getting to learn more about from the artist himself. After Styles sang songs from "Harry's House" for a large gathering of listeners on the "Today" show the day before its release, he took a question from a fan in the crowd. She asked which track was the hardest to pen for the album and why.

In response, the former One Direction performer said that "Boyfriends" was the most difficult for him to make. As to why, Styles explained, "There was a lot of different versions of it, we were trying to work out what the best version for the album was ... [we tried] different guitars [and] different vocal arrangements."

Styles performed this song during his "Today" appearance, which showcased beautiful vocal harmonies, stunning acoustic sounds, and the memorable lyrics. He sang, "Boyfriends, are they just pretending? / They don't tell you where it's hеading / And you know the game's nevеr ending." Styles' persistence in perfecting "Boyfriends" definitely paid off, as the song sounds great and the "Today" crowd roared with applause when he concluded the performance.