The Bachelor's Becca Tilley Receives Outpouring Of Love After Confirming Relationship With Hayley Kiyoko

Since the early 2000s, "The Bachelor" franchise has ruled the reality TV dating market. Throughout its 26 seasons, the series has introduced viewers to an array of individuals who were in search of love. While some contestants and leads have fallen to the sidelines, there have been a few "Bachelor" personalities who have stood the test of reality TV time. One of those individuals is Becca Tilley. In 2015, the beloved media personality made her debut on the show's 19th season, which featured Chris Soules as the titular lead. After finishing in seventh place, her quest for love continued during the following season with Ben Higgins, which saw her land in the top five.

Even though her journey to find a lasting partner was unsuccessful during the series, she did end up dating fellow Bachelor Nation star Robert Graham after her stint on the 20th season. During a 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tilley opened up about her time on the show. "I think I went into it with the mindset of, 'If this is meant to be with this person, then it's meant to be and I'm gonna embrace this that I have and try not to overthink it and stress about it," she explained.

Since sharing her romantic life with Bachelor Nation viewers across the world, Tilley has remained relatively quiet regarding her dating activities. However, recently, the podcast host finally gave fans a surprising update regarding her love life in the most romantic way possible.

Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko are feeling the love

Over the last four years, Becca Tilley has kept the curtain closed on her romantic life and her current partner, aside from the occasional comment here and there. During a 2019 interview Us Weekly, she opened up about why she kept her relationship a secret. "I just think that my relationship that I'm in is just, like that it's private and it's my own," she said. However, on May 20, Tilley finally confirmed that pop superstar Hayley Kiyoko — also known as "Lesbian Jesus" — was her mysterious four-year partner.

The happy couple first confirmed their relationship in the singer's new music video for her track, "For The Girls." In the visual, Kiyoko's on her own dating show that's similar to the "Bachelor" franchise. After seeing numerous suitors, the singer chooses a mysterious contestant, who ends up being Tilley. Shortly after the video's premiere, the "Scrubbing In" podcast host took to Instagram and uploaded a video that showcased their relationship adventures. "Hard to say if this is a hard or soft launch, but it is a launch," her caption said.

It didn't take long for fans and Tilley's industry peers to share their excitement. One follower wrote: "Crying at work right now because I'm so happy for you." Another fan commented: "You never owed us any type of explanation but wow so happy for y'all." Even fellow "Bachelor" star and longtime friend Joelle Fletcher praised the happy couple. "My girls!!! Love you both so much!!!"