Gayle King Gives An Encouraging Update After Suffering Serious Injury

Gayle King is known for her tireless work ethic, and how she rarely lets anything get in the way of her success. The television personality was shadowed for a day by The Cut in 2015 where she sported five different outfits — one of which included wearing two different shoes at once. "Ivanka Trump was on the panel, and rather than showcase one of her pairs, I went with both, as a wink to her," King told the publication. Years later, she made a similar style choice, but this time it was for a much different reason.

On May 17, several "CBS Mornings" viewers became concerned when they noticed the host rocking mismatched footwear. "Why is @GayleKing wearing 2 different shoes? Is she injured @CBSMornings?" one fan tweeted. "Why does Gayle King have on two different shoes? She's wearing a croc on the left and a heel on the right," another observed. It turned out, King was forced to wear the mismatched shoes to compensate for an injury.

Later that day, the "O, The Oprah Magazine" editor attended the Most Powerful People in Media event, and explained why she rocked mismatched shoes. "I went to bed on Saturday, and I woke up Sunday to go pee ... the minute I touched the floor, I crumbled. I think it's my Achilles," she told Page Six. King added that she was putting off going to a doctor despite her kids urging her to go. Fortunately, King did eventually make her way to see a doctor, and she got some answers.

Why Gayle King is wearing a walking boot

On May 20, Gayle King uploaded a selfie to Instagram that was taken at a doctor's office. The former "Gayle King Show" host had a walking boot on her injured left foot, and provided fans with an update. In the second slide of the post, King added a video where Dr. Nadia Levy explained the injury and treatment involved. "Achilles tendonitis," Dr. Levy said. "And she's going to have to be in a boot just to calm it down and on some anti-inflammatories," she explained. The doctor added that the pain was caused because the TV host "tweaked a tendon." King was overjoyed by the news that she could heal the injury without invasive therapy. "Yay, diagnosis, and yay, no surgery!" she said in the clip. "Hobbled in with a clog hobbling out with this very attractive boot," King playfully wrote in the caption.

Fans were not only happy to hear the good news about King's diagnosis, but they offered helpful words of advice in the comment section. "Go easy!! Don't wear too high heals on the good foot – you won't be balanced and could hurt your hip," one follower wrote. "Also walking barefoot is not good for AT. Wear a shoe with 11/2-2in heel," another suggested.

A couple days later, the CBS mainstay flaunted her "attractive boot" in a series of Instagram photos taken at the Preakness Stakes races. King wore a bright yellow dress with a matching sneaker on her good foot along with the walking boot.