Is Amanda Bynes Eyeing A Return To Acting?

If there's anything Hollywood loves, it's a good comeback story. Enter Amanda Bynes. 

Just like Lindsay Lohan, Bynes' fall from grace has been more than just a tumble. While she hasn't gotten as much as Britney Spears has over the years, Bynes was also put under a conservatorship. It wasn't until last March that Bynes managed to cut the legal cord after a judge in her case deemed her to be mentally capable enough to give any future "informed consent to any form of medical treatment," per CBS News. While it might seem like Bynes is taking a step forward in her life, she's also doing everything she can not to take another step back. On April 28, Bynes posted an Instagram Story suggesting that she might have found illegal substances on her beau, Paul Michael, and that he might have been off his meds. She said, "He's been using for the past six months. He needs serious help. I kicked him out of my house," according to Page Six

Despite the drama, there is some good news in her life. One report suggests that she might be making a big comeback. 

Amanda Bynes wants to go back to television

Amanda Bynes wants to get back in front of the cameras. The former "Amanda Show" star told TMZ on May 22 that she's "very interested" in starring in a reboot of "What I Like About You," adding, "I think it's a great idea to reboot the show." However, Bynes said that she hasn't spoken to her former co-stars Jennie Garth or Leslie Grossman about it just yet, and there is no indication that the project is actually in development. 

Meanwhile, Garth told Yahoo! Entertainment that while she has great memories from the show, she's not sure if the timing is right. "Great relationships with the people who were on that show, and I would love nothing more than to revisit that, but I'm not really sure if it's in the cards right now," she explained. 

Should the project come to fruition, it would be Bynes' first major role in over a decade, having last appeared onscreen in the 2010 film "Easy A." While no one knows what is exactly in store for Bynes, her attorney David A. Esquibias told TMZ in March that she also wants to go back to school. He said, "Now that the conservatorship has ended, she looks forward to completing her bachelor's degree and living her life." This only further confirms that Bynes has always been, and still is, "all that."