Katie Maloney Reveals How She Really Feels About Dating After Tom Schwartz Split

"Vanderpump Rules" fans may have a hard time picturing Katie Maloney on a date with anyone besides Tom Schwartz. The two were already together when "Vanderpump Rules" first premiered on Bravo, and they later got engaged and then married in front of the cameras. Because Maloney went public with her divorce from Schwartz in March, and "VPR" hasn't returned for another season, we've never really seen what Maloney is like as a single woman. After 12 years with the same person, is Maloney really ready to jump right back into the dating pool?

In his statement announcing the breakup on Instagram, Schwartz indicated that it was Maloney who instigated the divorce, writing, "Fully respect Katie's decision and we've had healthy, productive conversations about it. It would be far sadder if she decided to stay with me whilst not happy." Anyone who's watched the show knows that the couple certainly had their ups and downs, but it never seemed like Maloney was especially eager to get her own Tinder profile. Here's what she had to say about getting back out there.

Katie Maloney says she's 'having fun'

Speaking to Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast, Katie Maloney explained that she is dating — but keeping it casual. "I'm not trying to, like, get a boyfriend," Maloney said. "But I'm having fun." She elaborated by saying she likes going out and flirting, and that she has been on a date. "I feel like all the guys are like 28, so it's kinda good because there's no pressure there." As for the apps? That's a hard left swipe for Maloney, who says they "freak [her] out." 

"I feel like I'm old fashioned," she said. "All the people that are on the apps are out in the world. I'd rather go to places that I like to hang out and I enjoy, and I imagine that would be the company that I would want to be in." She noted that she's not afraid to make the first move, either. 

Recently, Maloney was in Italy for her former "Vanderpump" co-star Stassi Schroeder's wedding, which she showed off on her Instagram. Maybe she found a little amore abroad.