Kellyanne Conway Spills On Her Marriage To A Vocal Trump Critic

Despite coining the infamous term "alternative facts," Kellyanne Conway is perhaps best known for her family drama amid the Trump presidency. Throughout her time as the senior counselor to Donald Trump between 2017 and 2020, her husband George Conway was a vocal critic of the president and even feuded with his wife's boss on Twitter. To make matters worse, their oldest daughter Claudia Conway went viral for speaking out against her mother's conservative views and recording their home arguments to post on social media.

Given how contentious their home lives seem to be, people have wanted a deeper look into the inner workings of the Conway family. Things have been mostly quiet since Joe Biden's inauguration in January 2021, but now Kellyanne is finally opening up about the Trump years' damage to her family in her new book, "Here's the Deal." The title is possibly a play on Trump's own famous (at least partially ghostwritten) memoir, "The Art of the Deal." Ahead of the book's release, Kellyanne Conway is sharing how her marriage struggled while working for her husband's mortal enemy. To this day, George Conway's Twitter feed is considerably Trump-heavy over a year removed from his presidency, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Kellyanne has continued to side with Trump over her own husband. Now, she's revealing some marriage problems stemming from his anti-Trump statements.

Kellyanne Conway accuses George Conway of 'cheating by tweeting'

According to an interview with People published on May 24, Kellyanne Conway claimed her husband George had "zero tweets" in 2016, and it wasn't until Trump's presidency that he became an avid user of the platform. Since then, she estimates George has made 100,000+ anti-Trump tweets and labeled his criticisms of her former boss "cheating by tweeting."

"His daily deluge of insults violated our marriage vows to 'love, honor, and cherish' each other," Conway wrote in an excerpt of "Here's the Deal." She compared his Twitter behavior to a real affair, writing, "I found it increasingly hard for me to compete with George's Twitter fling. She's not even hot. She doesn't even have a personality. How can I compete with that?" Tensions between husband and wife deepened when George Conway became a co-founder of the Lincoln Project, an organization of anti-Trump conservatives that fought against his re-election. When Trump called George "a total loser," Kellyanne defended Trump. "You think he shouldn't respond when somebody, a non-medical professional, accuses him of having a mental disorder?" she told Politico in 2019. "You think he should just take that sitting down?"

However, Kellyanne isn't the only one to accuse George of harming their family. In 2021, daughter Claudia Conway accused George of stepping out, captioning a now-deleted TikTok, "My dad dipping this morning saying he wants nothing to do with our family and leaving for good," per OK!. That said, the Conways are still legally married even as Kellyanne immortalizes their struggles in her book.